WINNERS ANNOUNCED: 5 Free copies of Digital Heaven’s Reincarnation plug in for dead pixel problems


Nathalie Sejean

Josh Gooden

Lee Higgenbottom

Ollie Dale

Josh Minogue

Thanks to Martin Baker from Digital Heaven I have 5 free copies of the brand new version 2.0 of Digital Reincarnation for FCP that fixes dead pixels in images really brilliantly, an issue I am having a lot of some of my older DSLRs. I also had it with my pre-production GH2 and it fixed it brilliantly on both of my GH2 videos.

It’s released today and I have 5 copies to give away tomorrow each worth $59. I will do a draw to select the 5 winners and post the winners names here tomorrow night. I am going to a Christmas Party so forgive me if I am a bit late doing it!

COMPETITION CLOSED: Winners announced shortly!

To enter you need to send an email here and answer correctly this simple question that you can find on my website: What is the name of the Great Train Robber I did a short piece on?

You can check out the tutorial for version 2 below.

Oh, and if you don’t win in, buy it! it’s $59 and has saved two of my videos which would have been junk without this. So if you email me int he future saying you have dead pixels in your video you know what my answer will be!

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  1. Wonderful and not bad for the price, I use Boris Continuum 7 pixel fixer because it can fix up to 10 bad sectors per application, if you have more bad pixels just apply it again for another 10.

    You can even create a profile for your camera and it remembers where are the bad pixels for that particular camera.

    I been unfortunate enough to have 6 burnt pixels on my 5D and 11 on my 7D and with Boris you cant even notice.

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