5 finalists for “The Story beyond the still”

I watched many of the entrants and there were so many great ones. I wasn’t able to take part in official judging on this one due to work commitments but I will on the next one.

The five finalists have been selected and they are below. To vote for the one you want you need to go to the Vimeo page, select the film and vote for it!

Alderwood – Chapter 2 from Kenny Mosher on Vimeo.

Chapter 2 of the Canon/Vimeo Film Contest
Check out Vincent Laforet’s Chapter 1 here:

A 2009 Showdown Visual Production

Written By: Kenny Mosher, Rachel Mosher and Thomas Ross
Director: Kenny Mosher
Editor: Kenny Mosher
Music Written By: PJ Perretta and Kenny Mosher
Music Producer: PJ Perretta
Production Assistants: Kyle Brock, Jon Morton, Rachel Mosher

Salhouse: Jon Morton
Salhouse’s Voice: Pete Robertson
Sniper: Thomas Ross


Wrong place, Wrong time. from Jesse Salto on Vimeo.

The Story Beyond the Still: Chapter 2

Written & Directed by: The Salto Brothers

We were in Paris preping a commercial when this contest popped up so we were lucky enough to shoot in Paris and some other great french locations.

Hope you enjoy it!

You can check out the Making-of here:

Jack: Robert Dauney
François & Henri: Guillaume Delaunay
The Valet: Alexandre Mahout
Mr. W: Joe Sheridan

Director of Photography: Jacques Ballard
1st Assistant Camera: Matthieu-David Cournot
Sound Design: Fréderic Devanlay (Big Wheels Studio)
Music: Augustin D’Assignies
Production Designer: Elie Duponchel
Sound: Alexandre Andrillon
Boom Operator: Thomas François
Production Coordinator: Romain Carciofo
Production Assistants: Marie Pangaud
Associate Producer: Jacques Ballard
Make Up: Magalie Dumas

Richard, Elisabeth & Olivia Ballard, Laurent Tibessart, Louise Jourdan-Gassin, Nicolas Capus, Richard Sarfati, Alain Soufi, Philippe Vene, Deep Vision, Guillaume Le Braz, Laurent Schepman, et Rowenta

Job Security from Runner Runner on Vimeo.

Chapter 2 entry to “The Story Beyond the Still” contest. See chapter one here: http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill

View the credits for the film here:

Written & Directed By: Josh Thacker

Produced By: Ian Bearce & Tony Fischer

Nels Lennes – Security Guard #1
Scott Jorgenson – Luke
Ian Bearce – Mysterious Man
Nate Dykstra – Cashier
Aaron Richey – The Cabbie

Director of Photography: Ryan Taylor
Editor: Josh Thacker
Music By: Daron Walker
Line Producer: Ian Bearce
Associate Producer: Aaron Richey
Assistant Director: Brian Slater
Assistant Camera: Brandon Boulay
Gaffer: Chris Hultgren
Grips: Kyle Camerer & Josh Mason
Makeup Artist: Crist Ballas
Makeup Assistant: Aaron Pikala
Location Sound: Patrick Schaefer
Production Assistants: Luke Braith & Todd Sandler
Visual Effects Artist: Matt Collings
Post Production Sound: Daron Walker

Special Thanks:
Erika & Monika @ Ellis Properties
Al & Leo @ The Station
Jay Holgate
Yellow Cab
Scott Regan
Abby Stavig
Seniz Lennes

Shot on the Canon 7D and 5D Mark II.

HANGAR 7 from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

Our “Chapter 2” entry for the Canon/Vimeo Short Film Contest “The Story Beyond The Still”
(Watch Chapter 1 by Vincent Laforet here: vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 )

Brian Berringer
Landis Fields
Punn Wiantrakoon
Zac Wollons

Mari Kearney – Old Lady
Dan Riha – Delivery Man
Brian Berringer – Truck Driver
Landis Fields – Goon 1
Punn Wiantrakoon – Goon 2
Zac Wollons – Our “close-up” cabbie look-alike

Fon Davis – 3D Skeleton Key Printing
Robert Barnes – Key Painting

Vincent Laforet – clip of cabbie from chapter 1
Vincent Laforet – Polaroid of girl from chapter 1

Anna Fields
Krista Haley
Justin Oliphant
James Garvey
John Duncan
Huck Wirtz
Alison Kellom
Francesca Christopher
Colie Wertz
Alfonso Villar
Dan Whitton
Floyd Lord

Shot with the Canon 7D and a 5D mk2 using various Canon lenses.
Color Graded using Magic Bullet.

The Story Beyond the Still: Divided from Scott Brignac on Vimeo.

Watch first chapter here: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill

Making of: http://www.vimeo.com/9458908

Written & Directed by: Scott Brignac
Director of Photography: Cody Bess
Steadicam: Cody Bess
Story by: Scott Brignac, Cody Bess, & Cliff Young
Edited by: Scott Brignac
Graded by: Cody Bess
Boomed by: David Lascoe

Score by Josh Smith (http://joshsmithmusic.com)
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Boyd (http://www.ambientdigital.com)


Woman: Danielle Young
Boy: Grayson Edwards
Man in suit: Ryan Fuselier
Guy with gun: Lee Stringer


    1. you’ve got to be joking!

      WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME or HANGAR 7 … HANGAR 7 is more fitting with the tone of the first chapter. I would be surprised if it didn’t win.

        1. I don’t think you have to follow the story. The competition is about interpreting the final still, but I feel since people want to see what happens next, they will always vote to continue the story, instead of voting for a totally different approach, my next entry will sorta try to reboot this story in a comedic approach, hope I can pull it off.

  1. Wow, all these finalists are fantastic and I really want to know what happens next in them. The filmmakers definitely should keep their story going even if they don’t win.

    My favourite is Hangar 7 for it’s build up of a world… but the next film will have to continue with the world cause it follows the character… but like any TV show, you can kill off a character in the first minute of the next episode…

    So I would say either Divided or Wrong Place Wrong Time would allow the next entrants more creative freedom.

    But I’m still gonna vote for Hangar 7, cause it’s just so damn Matrix cool.

    Wish I lived in America so I can enter 🙁

  2. All these pieces are simply beautiful, both in their technique and their narrative. Although I have to admit I like the way Hangar7 develops the story more, creating a whole new sci-fi atmosphere to it. Another thing thats interesting is that all five candidates had better technical results than the cabbie having a lot less equipment and budget (for example that scene with the horrible whitewash in the girls bedroom).

  3. And I voted for “JOB SECURITY.” I for one would never want to judge any of these entries with most of them being down right awesome, to a big handful of them being simply outstanding. The effort and talent displayed in this contest is truly magnificent, congratulation to all of you that entered, BRAVO!!

  4. I voted for Divided, I really like the way they made the switch from still to movie by making it literally.

    Although the steadicam work was a bit shaky, the rest of the cinematography really aspired to real hollywood thriller/adventure movie.

    I also like the pacing, and they ware really effective at presenting the conflict of interest in a quick but still mysterious way – this both captures the audiences attentions quickly but still teases their curiosity.

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