2013 Workshops…upcoming ones including Dubai, Miami, Brussels, Toronto, Vancouver with more to follow.







2013 Philip Bloom Workshop Promo from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

As I am sure many of you are aware, I do a number of workshops throughout the year. The most recent ones I did were in the Dominican Republic in November and South Africa in October. All were enormous were terrific experiences for both myself and the students.

I don’t actually choose where the workshops are going to be – different organisations and companies bring me in to host them, so if I haven’t done any where you live, I am sorry but hopefully someone near you may be looking at bringing me over at some point! There are countless places where I would love to come to do them!

There are also plans to do more of the 3 day shooting masterclasses with Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegaertner later in the year.


It’s also worth checking my main page and looking to the right of the blog posts to see the upcoming events. Alternatively there is a direct link to the events section here.

The workshops do sometimes vary in content, and that is down to what each organiser wants the focus to be, but for the most part similar ground is covered in all of them.



The one-day workshops are very intensive, as a lot of information needs to be covered…they tend to be larger groups, and there is rarely a shooting element involved (the exception being the Miami one mentioned below). You will learn an enormous amount here, as a huge variety of topics is covered. It’s not just technical – creativity is a big part of them. This is not content from my website, and this is not a lecture. Interaction with attendees is essential. A lot of what is covered is guided by you!

The two-day workshops do cover similar ground to the one day workshops, but at a less hectic pace as we have more time. They are smaller groups and they involve a shooting element. Each attendee shoots a 30 second piece on the first day, so it’s a lot more hands-on. Creativity is again the main focus, but much of the content again is guided by the needs of the attendees!


All of these were shot in around 2 hours by attendees of the South African 2 day workshops. Edited as homework between day one and day two.

The concept is to focus on one simple thing or idea and look at it from a different perspective. Can you make an engaging 30 second short about an escalator, for example? Absolutely, you just need to step back and think! This is part of day one “Looking at things from a new perspective.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 01.12.54


Each workshop, though, can have differences so do click on the city you want to go on, and check out what the outlined topics are.

Sometimes I do just one-day workshops, some times just two days…often both! There is no need to come to both the one day and two day, as similar ground is covered.

There are already a number of upcoming workshops as early as the 17th of January where I will be in Dubai for a one day and two day workshop.  Click here on the banner below for more information!

DUBAI workshop now over

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MIAMI next workshop

Then on the 2nd of February I will be in Miami for an intensive one-day workshop as part of FilmGate 2013, held at the Miami Beach Cinematechque (lovely place…I did a workshops there almost two years ago!) you can find out more information and book by clicking here or the banner below!



After Miami, I will be in one of favourite cities, Brussels. Again for a one and two day workshop. My good friend and shooting buddy James Miller will be at the 2 day one showing how to lens whack so an Canon DSLR users get a cheap Nikon to Canon adaptor and an old 35 or 55mm lens and he get you up to speed. I adore the city, and this is also being held at the Hotel Bloom of all places (I wonder if I can use that to my advantage at the bar?!) More information and booking by clicking here or the image below.

James Miller will be demonstrating lens whacking at the two day Brussels workshop
James Miller will be demonstrating lens whacking at the two day Brussels workshop


Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.08.12

CANADA: Toronto/ Vancouver

Mid March I head to lovely Canada where, for the first time, I will be doing a workshop in Vancouver and also visiting the lovely Toronto. You can click the image below or here for more information /booking.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 07.38.06

There are more planned workshops coming up, and as soon as I can confirm them, I will add them here and in the Events section. An Asia tour is planned for the Spring, and we are working on my third Rode tour of Australia for later in the year, very different from last year! Stay tuned!

Below are a couple of videos. One is examples of some of the 30 second edits done at the South Africa 2-day workshops, and the other is a fun BTS edit of one of them…yes we did have some fun with the super slow motion on the FS700 there!


Philip Bloom – South African Tour Behind the Scenes (Part 1) from Be Creative Events on Vimeo.