10 million visitors big prizes competition!

Competition is now closed!

I will sift through the many thousands of entries and select all the ones that have passed, then work out a way I can randomly select the winners and once I have done that I will do a live draw. It will be asap. I promise!

Thanks to everyone who entered. As you can see the competition ended a lot quicker than planned, about 2 weeks quicker due to the 10 million mark being reached a lot fast than expected due to you lot searching my site for answers!

In about 3 weeks I will reach the 10 million visitors to my website. Rather than try and award that 10 millionth visitor with prizes as it will just crash my server I have decided to create a quiz based around my blog. If you get most of them right you will be entered into a random draw where the people drawn will be awarded a prize each.

These are the prizes currently on offer. I pulled in all my favours to get these prizes for you guys…if you win them use them well and share with me your results!! Am jealous as I want some of them!

B&H Photo Video have very generously donated a Canon Rebel T2i to the competition. Big thanks to them and to B&H’s Jonathon Yudin for this!

This is an AMAZING PRIZE!!! A KESSLER CRANE CINESLIDER worth $1000 (winner pays costs of shipping)

This is simply the best slider on the market for the price, especially as you can use it with the Elektra Drive system motor and Oracle controller for motion controlled moves and timelapses.

Zacuto are giving away a TARGET SHOOTER worth $475! I love this as it’s the new version the Rapid Fire. My previous favourite DSLR rig.

GoPro Cameras are giving away a motorsports hero pack worth $299! These are simply awesome cameras. Waterproof, shoot full HD and are tiny! I have four and use them all the time. I can’t wait until their 3D rig comes out!

Letus Direct, makers of the 35mm adaptor the Letus Extreme which started my blog off are giving away two different DSLR accessories. Their new DSLR view finder and their new DSLR Cage! The VF is worth around $385 and the cage $700!!

Red Giant Software, makers of the AWESOME Magic Bullet Looks (20% with code bloom20 at checkout!) are giving away FOUR prizes!! Magic Bullet looks changed the way I graded enormously. It is simply the best investment out there for grading and it works across all the major editing platforms.

A license for Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet Quick Looks, Magic Bullet Mojo and Magic Bullet Photoshop!!

Switronix have donated two remote triggers for DSLRs, great things these. Thanks guys!

Litepanels have donated the excellent on camera LED the Litepanel Micro

David Aldrich of D-Focus has donated one of his excellent low budget follow focuses.

Lightcraft workshop have donated the excellent 1 Fader ND II and 1 Fader ND II ultra, filter size of your choice!!

Five download copies of any F-Stop Academy training product, either my 7D or 5DmlI training videos or the new Stills in Motion by Drew Gardner

DPSLIDER.COM have donated their excellent unique Verticle/ Horizontal Slider the DP SLIDER V-480 (model not included!) Winner pays shipping and handling costs…

Singular Software have donated a copy of Pluraleyes for the editing system of your choice. This is auto sync software for audio and it’s bloody brilliant!

My video hosting service of choice have donated 2 Vimeo Plus memberships for a year!

Shotput Pro is an essential piece of software for offloading your tapeless media to multiple hard drives. I use it for all my work. Thanks to Imagine Products for donating two licenses.

I will be doing a two day intensive DSLR workshop as part of the Westdoc Conference in September in Santa Monica. It’s going to be an amazing conference. Chuck Braverman, one of the organisers of the conference has donated a 3 day pass (my workshop is extra) which is worth $700!! Big thanks Chuck.

Paintedsheep Dolly is a very cool affordable dolly capable of taking huge weight and also can cope with straight and curved track. Big thanks for them for donating one to this competition!

My great friends at Jag35 have donated one of their brand new full shoulder rigs for DSLRs!! Thanks SO much guys!

Chris Jones has geneoursly donated his Guerilla Filmmaking booker. This from Chris: ‘The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook team are delighted to provide the complete Guerilla Film Makers library, including then new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook which features in an interview with Philip. For more info on the books and the new weekly film makers TV show, The Production Office, go to our blog at www.chrisjonesblog.com

Apple post whizz Nathan Beaman has donated 5 licenses for the excellent CRAM for compressor. It gives you hundred of superior presets including ones for 2.35:1 and much more.

Redrock Micro have generously located their latest DSLR rig “theEvent DSLR 2.0 rig” worth about $900…this will ship to winner when it’s released mid to late June.

More prizes will be announced soon…but in the meantime for a chance to win one of them answer the quiz below. All the answers are in my blog!! Good luck and thanks for making my blog so much fun to keep going!

I will do a live video streaming announcement of winners when the 10 million is reached, until then the competition is open!

Please click on full screen to do this quiz on the main site as the flash version is unstable.


  1. Took a while, but got 100%! Wish I had watched the video explaining how to find the answers before I took the test. Would have saved me hours…Anyways thanks for the comp, now appreciate how much work you put into this site – there is a lot of posted I didn’t know existed.

  2. The camera owning question was the hardest by far. The ones from the kit site are different ones and I had to guess if you actually own that one or if you were just reviewing it. Still made 80%! Can’t wait for the conclusion!

  3. Congrats Phil! Awesome site, and again, thank you for all your contributions to the DSLR community…

    Hope my 84% cert gets to you… Sorry for not being higher – missed an easy one, lol.


  4. Canon should really be sponsoring one too. 🙂 Common Philip get some 300 prizes.. one for everyone.. 😀 At least that guarantees I get one. lol. 🙂

  5. I see you added a question number 20. Since I “only” got 80% in the 19 question quiz I was wondering if it will affect my score. Should I retake the quiz?

  6. Hey Philip
    Thanks for this competition! Was good fun doing the research 🙂 now I really want that dFocus or Kessler 🙂

    By the way: I used to do a lot of online competition on my old blog – http://www.random.org was a big help!


  7. Hello Phil ! I WON THE CANON !

    I cannot believe! The quiz was not easy at all, but the prizes were so nice that I could not resist to spend hours to jump between your site and vimeo, to reach the target of 80%!
    My first score was 50%.. But I continued to try and try.

    I wish to thank you and B&H’s Jonathon for my new “toy” RebelT2! I do not have a DSLR yet!! My Sony SR11 will retire soon.

    Thanks again Phil and congratulations for these “first” 10.000.000 !

    Cinzia (Italy)

      1. Glad to see happy winners. I had great fun entering even though I didn’t win. Tremendous prizes, thanks for all your effort.

        It would be fun to say all the winners had 1 month to submit something shot using their prizes 🙂 It obviously wouldn’t be enforceable but a good prompt to do something.

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