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It’s made by a friend of mine (although only met him once in person) Ray Schlogel of Underground Planet. We speak on the net and we even almost did a shoot together. He’s a lovely guy.


This fine is very entertaining, heartwarming, funny and painful. Everything that love is. It’s about film maker Michael who tries to win back his ex by making a film for her.

Ray and Michael are distributing this for fee on the net, you can even download it from Vimeo. It’s important for all of us indie film makers to support each other. So please take the time to sit down and watch this. It deserves a watch for sure and if you like help out some struggling film makers by making a small donation. The paypal link in a little bit down the screen after you click the link.

So here is the film for you to watch. Enjoy and please, if you can show your appreciation by leaving a comment for the film makers and if you can make a small donation so they can keep on moving forward with new projects. If we can support each other in lean times and encourage each other then the community spirit that is already strong can get stronger.

if you get a chance check out this music video from Ray for something totally different. If you need a talented director, DP, Editor in Austin and beyond get in touch with Ray.

Endeverafter – Next Best Thing from Underground Planet on Vimeo.

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  2. Bo says:

    OMG! Incredibly clever!

  3. O says:

    Now that worked really well. It really drew me in.