Stolen gear from CVP

Discussion in 'My blog posts' started by Philip Bloom, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Philip Bloom English Fella

  2. Kevin Nasi Not quite so new!

    So this is in addition to the Nikon hit?
  3. Alex Bee Chatty!

    That's pretty awful. Definitely reminds one to keep an eye out on one's own gear. You get kind of oblivious when nothing happens for so long. :( Bunch of eejits....
  4. Sarah Estela Admin

    I am soooo shocked by this. The gear will most likely be on the first truck out of the UK as I am sure anyone who buys gear here would want to know they have the full backing of a reputable supplier in the case of warranty/fault issues etc and would therefore check the details after this event. Hopefully the message spreads far and wide to check the numbers against the stolen good register so they can catch the buggers who did this. Thank god for insurance.
  5. Colin Palmar Not quite so new!

    I'd be very surprised if it wasn't already in Eastern Europe.
  6. Matthew Popay I'm new!

    That's not cool.
    Surely moving that amount of gear must've got some attention right?
  7. Archie Campbell Chatty!

    Well someone managed to get away with Nikon's show truck in Ireland so it's probably not as hard as you think. IMO when I see someone driving a big truck and they look the part I just assume that they are doing what they are supposed to, although I realise that taking Nikon's truck and physically breaking in and loading up a separate truck are two very different things.
  8. CameraKing had a break in too... lots of this going on at the moment, not good.

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