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Discussion in 'Central Europe' started by Tim Kossow, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a 25 year old student of media science from Paderborn, Germany. The last couple of years were really exciting, I managed to teach myself a lot of stuff about design, motion graphics and especially making films. I pretty much just sucked up every bit of knowledge I could find.

    Last year a friend of mine joined my efforts. He's more of a sound geek, composing music and recording on set. Since then we managed to get (and keep!) some clients alongside our studies. We actually have a follow-up rate (jobs) of 100%, which I'm pretty proud of. :D I really enjoy taking pictures as well, but just for myself.

    Right now my only goal is to get as much experience in making films as possible. Most of our clients are businesses, so the kind of payed films me make are... let's say restrained in their artistic expression :). Also I am writing on some ideas for shorts and hope to make one of them this year.

    I'm willing to do pretty much all on set, as I said, right now it's about the work experience and getting to know people. I'm also willing to travel reasonable distances in Europe if needed. So if you need assistance in any way, just contact me!

    Things I like to talk about:
    • Everything about making films, Pre-Viz, Production, Art Design, Lighting, Shooting...
    • Everything else about films, e.g. favorite flicks, critics, history, interpretation...
    • Trips in the nature, e.g. hiking, kayaking, kanuing, fishing
    • I play the guitar and love talking about music
    • Everything about saving the world, I'm a big supporter of http://www.avaaz.org
    Enough of the gibberish, hope this helped!

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