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Discussion in 'Sony F3' started by Andrew35, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Andrew35 I'm new!

    I work 2 years ago with Sony PMW-F3 and am happy. I saw pictures of the new Sony Camcorder F5 and F55. I the new cameras and I wants immediately test. I hope Sony set a low price (15.000€-20.000€), otherwise want to keep my PMW-F3, because the market is changing fast and soon there 8K camera coming soon.

  2. Mathieu Gasquet Chatty!

    I think that the F5 will be a direct competitor of the Canon c500, and the F55 a competitor to the Arri Alexa. So prices may be higher. But I could be wrong.
  3. Matt Davis Administrator

    I suspect that there may be a pattern here... (apologies for the pseudo algebra)

    Stage 1: Current Wonderbox product A costs X, and product B is rumoured. B could be an upgrade to A, or a whole new product - and we hope B will cost X + Early Adopter Tax (say 10%).

    Stage 2: Product B is officially announced, clearly not A at all, gorgeous features, gives good demo, everyone loves it, but whilst price not official, hinted at X x2. Everyone still smitted with B, huffing that price not released yet, but buggered if paying X x2.

    Stage 3: Speculation about Product A being price dropped to X x0.75, B's target market begins to lean towards bargain A as product B is great, lovely, marvellous, but not at X x2.

    Stage 4: Price Set of product B at ('startling surprise') X x1.75... less than 2x, seller is realistic in pricing goals, but still pricey - hey but it's worth it.

    Stage 5: Some months later, when the halo effect wears off, B's price drops to 1.5x and A drops to 0.85x.

    So now the F3 is popping up in body only form for £8.5k + VAT (which businesspeople like us reclaim). On the day I pressed the button on the FS100 purchase, if I knew I'd get an F3 for today's price, I'd have stopped. I'd have withheld the income opportunities of shooting on an FS100 for 18 months to get an F3 now. But at the time, business said 'big chip!' - I spent 6 months this year shooting on EX1, yadda-yadda-yadda. I fell prey to the Marketing Department and to a certain extent the market forces.

    So: F5 - it will be at a premium price for a while, then it will fall back. Is the F3 irrelevant? No, it's still a great camera for a certain market (those that don't trust the FS700, those that have an established XDCAM workflow, those who own EX1/3 cameras). It won't steal FS700 market share, but it will mop up the ex-EX1 and more pro-oriented (and here 'pro' means 'make money easier' not 'make nice pictures easier') market.

    Then F5 will drop to its 'market norm' price that will be a gnat's genitalia higher than what we'd like to pay ('but hey') and the F3 will be devalued a little bit, but no further. Unilke Red, there will be no fire sale of F3s (Red Ones) at $4k. But if they do, I'm first in line. ;-)

    Pricing is a Crap Shoot for manufacturers. Please do check out this video about how the Economist introduced stupid pricing to make more people buy the higher value option:

    So, introducing a stupid third option made most people switch from the cheaper to the more expensive option. That's why we should have gone to Business School, not Film School.

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