Most Powerful Lights... With Plugs?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Alex Bee, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Alex Bee Chatty!

    Hi guys!

    Just wondering which would be some of your favourite, most powerful (as in wattage) lights that give you huge, directional beams, but can still be plugged in to a standard wall outlet (I don't really want to be lugging around huge generators, ballasts etc)
  2. Steve Marshall Administrator

    Well with a 13 to 16 amp adaptor, including an inline RCD for safety, you can load a single home circuit with around 2500w theoretically.

    Arri PARs/ARRISUNs pack a punch but 2kW won't get an amazing amount of light.

    What's the intended use if I may ask?
  3. Eve Hazelton Underwater Queen

    Set of 3 x 800 w red heads can be plugged into standard UK house mains without blowing anything up...means you can do three point lighting set ups and you can flood/spot them slightly?
  4. Alex Bee Chatty!

    Yeah... I know about all of those... just wondering if anyone knew anything with a bit more... bite? With regard to the use: general purpose. Filling in gaps, plugging leaks. As it were....
  5. Steve Marshall Administrator

    Maybe look into LED lighting? I don't know much about it but there are so low power, high output options out there.
  6. Tony Reale I'm new!

    To use on a standard outlet, either a 2K tungsten or 1.2K HMI are the brightest lights I'm aware of. I'm working on a 1000W LED light which would have close to a 4K or 5K equivalent output...but not sure when that will actually be on the market.

    Aside from LED, HMIs have the most punch per watt. If you want the most throwing power, get a K5600 with a Source Four. That thing will throw light across a stadium.

    Also, plasma is the new kid on the block, known as LEP (light emitting plasma). Interviewed a guy from Photon Beard at Cine Gear. Seems to have a great efficiency (220W draw equivalent to a 2K fixture) but it's still very expensive...right next to HMI in cost.
  7. Steve Marshall Administrator

    I'm sure you can plug a 2k HMI into a standard outlet. At least in the UK, I've done it before.
  8. Alex Bee Chatty!

    A 2k hmi into a UK wall outlet? Can you? COOL! With the LED lights... Equivalent 4 or 5k output? Wow! I can't stress how new I an to the lighting scene. I haven't lit. Ever. Of course I understand the theory, the setups etc. I just don't feel it yet like I do when I shoot. It's not instinctive... And I so badly want it to be. Being an indie filmmaker, I've got to do EVERYTHING =)
  9. Steve Marshall Administrator

    Just make sure you put an RCD in-line. Just in case :rolleyes:
  10. Pete Wallington I'm new!

    Watts = Amps x Volts

    In the UK (220-240v) you can draw up to 13amps from a single plug socket (= 2800W)
    A 2.5K HMI draws about 11.3 amps (2500/220) and is fine in a domestic plug.
    That said, an HMI tends to draw more amps when striking than when running, so just make sure you strike the HMI first before powering on your other lamps.

    In a typical domestic home the sockets would be on a 30amp ringmain (or several - check the fusebox). So theoretically you could run 6600W in total on a single ringmain - i.e 2 x 2.5KHMI (FROM DIFFERENT SOCKETS)
  11. Jeff Zueger Not quite so new!

    If you have $10k this is probably the most amount of light you can get from a standard 20A household socket.

    Personally I wouldn't get that hung up on the brightest light, with the sensitivity of todays cameras. I have actually downsized all of my big lights in favor of kinos and smaller HMIs (575-200). I have got rid of almost all of my tungsten fixtures except for a few 650's and 300's. The biggest HMI I have now is a 1200 Arri fresnel. (at one point had 12k, 6k, 2.5k, genny, distro all that really heavy stuff) Personally I love the low voltage stuff. I would work on getting a small arsenal of useable daylight fixtures, be it HMI's kinos or LEDs. These days its not the size of the light, it's how you use it:p
  12. Jeff Zueger Not quite so new!

    Tony, please keep us posted on your LED. I agree, the LEP is very intriguing.

    The coolest part about it is they can retrofit tungsten 2k fresnels.

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