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Discussion in 'Canon DSLRs' started by Colin Andronis, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Colin Andronis I'm new!

    I has just occurred to me, that it may be a great idea to use a Samsung Galaxy note or 7.7 Tab as a monitor.
    Personally I dislike using any type optical viewfinder.
    The monitors I've been looking at like the "SmallHd" are nice, but I then have the pain of carrying extra batteries & weight?
    Also, the AMOLED display is just beautiful. Not to mention the high resolution.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Samuel Hurtado Chatty!

    I know no smartphone or tablet with HDMI-in, only HDMI-out
    and I think it's a hardware limitation, not something software or firmware could solve
  3. Martin Cox Chatty!

    There is a method to use an iPad as DSLR monitor, but it's not very useful (only for studio shooting maybe). You plug the camera to the PC/Mac, start Canon EOS Utility and then launch an Air Play app to send the monitor signal to the iPad, as long as they're both under the same wifi.

  4. HarrisonHoude Administrator

    I would love to be able to wirelessly, or a cord to my camera be able to use an iPad as a monitor. (Not through EOS Utility).
    Someone needs to invent a cord or something haha or Canon needs to do something with Wi-Fi in it.
  5. Jayson Martinez Chatty!

    maybe they'll add that on the Canon 6D MK7 - LOL! by then they should have that capability...
  6. Samuel Hurtado Chatty!

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  7. Max Maximciuc Chatty!

    ok there is a easy way to monitor video from either canon or nikon dslr thru the some of the adroid tab directly i try it on Acer tab(i don't remember the model it cost like 239$) and Philip has a post about android tablets what can do it there some restrictions it need to support usb host mode some of them have usb port where u just plug the usb and have a dslr monitor app and use it i know for shure the samsung galaxy II is compatible or any android with os 2.3 and higher ipad is a pain u need to cary laptop with you i try it couple of times but hardly got it conected cheap and easy whay is thru a android tab like Acer it has usb and u can even move the focus point with your finger and camera will focus another thing is it records evrything on camera card u canot do it on tablet!
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