Kisumu, Kenya

Discussion in 'Africa' started by Nick Kjeldgaard, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Nick Kjeldgaard Not quite so new!

    Wowzers! No one else from even the same continent? :D

    I'm an 18 year old who's primary focus is on the Street Boys of Kisumu, the subject of a documentary I'm producing. Though I've also done promotional video work for Agape Children's Ministry and Ringroad Ministries. ( and And have videos for other ministries in the pipeline.

    Being in Kenya means I have to cover every aspect, and so I'm the DOP, Producer, Editor, Sound engineer, and any other title you want to insert.

    I'll be in Kenya until November, when I return to Central CA, USA.
  2. Kyle van Tonder Not quite so new!

    Hey nick. Here in the South of Africa! Best of luck.
  3. Nick Kjeldgaard Not quite so new!

    What's it like down there? Always wanted to visit down south.
  4. Kyle van Tonder Not quite so new!

    Hot... very hot... :eek:
  5. Nick Kjeldgaard Not quite so new!

    I bet! We've been getting some evening drizzles recently, so thankfully it's really cooled down the past couple days.
  6. ibro bawa I'm new!

    hey Guys i am i ibro, currently in grad school in NYC. will be moving back to Nigeria in december. good luck with your Doc nick!
  7. Nick Kjeldgaard Not quite so new!

    Thanks ibro! Going well so far!
  8. Raul Dederichs Chatty!

    Hi Nick!

    Nice to see that there are more DSLR shooters in Kenya!

    If you ever come to the coast, Diani in particular, don't miss giving me a shout, we might be able to work on something!

    Here is a link to our latest video :



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