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Discussion in 'Forum Guidelines' started by Philip Bloom, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Lenny Warren Administrator

    Weird story about Elton, not libelous so you're ok.. ;) We shot him at a gig up here and as you guys may or may not know, we get "3 songs no flash". So, we do our songs and he very patronisingly shoo'ed us out sneering, and his fans boo'ed us... we got called "Diana Killers" etc. etc. Elton hates press togs, and we are not paps, we are accredited news guys. Thing is, Elton has one of the largest art photo collections in the world so he loves certain photographers. Mind you, apparently it's mainly Robert Mapplethorpe so that tells it's own story. (google him)

    Sorry if off topic...
  2. M Gilden I'm new!

    Thanks- that's what I was looking for! So "M." is kosher as a first name, then? Because I was asked to change it based on the rules presented. I don't really mind so much, however I am known on other film making forums as M. Gilden, and would like to keep it consistent.

    I know, no better example than using present company, is there?
    ...and gaffer tape's uses know no bounds. This is true.

    Indeed. It is pronounced "em".

    Kidding aside (if you really want to hear the real story), my first name is actually in a foreign language, and is open to interpretive spelling when written in English. To avoid the problem (and help keep people from trying to pronounce letters that have no English phonetic equivalents), my parents gave me a totally different legal name that appears on my birth certificate- the only thing these names have in common is the sound of the first letter, M. So, I tend to go by just that.

    What's that? You didn't actually care about the story? Too bad. You read it, and I'm not giving you your 5 seconds back. :)
  3. Lenny Warren Administrator

    ;) Happy to listen, I'm sure I have 5 seconds to spare...
  4. Lenny Warren Administrator

    As a Scot, more than happy that English muppets are banned.... ;) Err... I'll get my coat. :p
  5. Jon Minnihan Not quite so new!

    Philip, Saw this video on BBC about Internet Trolls in the UK and I thought it was going to show you chasing down people on your forum.

    Thanks for creating a great place to learn.
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