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Discussion in 'Forum Guidelines' started by Philip Bloom, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Philip Bloom English Fella

    Hello and welcome!!

    i don't want this to be dominated by rules but it's important to explain some important stuff so here we go!

    This is first and foremost a place to help one another. Never be condescending, rude, patronising or abusive to anymore. Respect them like you were having dinner with them with the prospect of perhaps a bit of action with them later (just pretend they are hot, ok?!) :)

    No blatant advertising of products please. Advertise your services in directory. That's cool!

    Real names as mentioned is important so we can connect with each other properly. I want this to be a lovely community of like minded folks.


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  2. Lenny Warren Administrator

    Err, hold on, I respect you and all that Philip, but I just don't fancy you... Can we be just good friends? ;)
  3. Philip Bloom English Fella

    Heartbroken! :)
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  4. Harry Thaker I'm new!

    Lovely way to Connect..with Film-makers :D
  5. Kevin McRoberts Chatty!

    How do you intend to assemble a "lovely community" of cameramen, who often (like myself) tend to be pudgy bearded men?

    Are we getting make-overs?
  6. Nitish Rai Chatty!

    Rules are (4)safety. Aye Aye captain!
  7. Philip Bloom English Fella

    Yes Kevin. I am also going to slip you something in your beer!
  8. Lenny Warren Administrator

    Now I'm the heartbroken one... :( lol
  9. M Gilden I'm new!

    So, this whole real name thing... Do we get away with nicknames like Lenny, or does he have to change his first name to Leonard?

    It could get complicated if folks don't go by their full name in real life. I once saw reference to Albert Arnold Gore, and it took me a while to realize they were talking about the man behind an inconvenient truth.
  10. HarrisonHoude Administrator

    Another rule should be not to $#^^^@#%! swear every time you @#%@%@% are mad about stupid @#%@%@^ things.
    haha, naaa I think all of us filmmakers in this forum are going to great and this is already turning into a great community!
  11. Lenny Warren Administrator

    Err, hello, I'm here... I can hear you... ;-) Lenny is my real name, not nickname. Only my mother calls me Leonard and even she has stopped since I found yet another use for gaffer tape. ;-)

    Anyway, isn't "M." a weird first name? Is it like ? ;-)
  12. Lenny Warren Administrator

    I host quite a few forums on my servers and I admin them also. The name thing is just common sense, IMHO it's ok with Lenny Warren, Leonard Warren, Len Warren, L.Warren as that could be what you are normally known as. The problems start when you have user names like "ENGWarrior" or "CanonRulezOk" as folk hide behind pseudo... sudafed, psudo... Err, fake names.
  13. Philip Bloom English Fella

    real names as in Phil Bloom P Bloom Philip Bloom. As opposed to Englishmupett71 type things... :)
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  14. Robertv Chatty!

    Do we need to use our full surname though? I never use my actual full name on the internet.
    I trade under business names and I work live events as a performer name which is "Robertv."
  15. Kevin McRoberts Chatty!

    If we mistakenly write a bad post in a tired/drunken/ravenous-hamster-distracted moment, can we have it re-attributed to Alan Smithee?
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  16. Philip Bloom English Fella

    if that is your stage name then ok. I wouldn't ask Elton John to be on here as Reginald Dwight.
  17. Any quick way of changeing your name in here? I happened to hrmf miss this thread about name :) Sorry!
  18. Philip Bloom English Fella

    i have to change it. There is a big bold message when creating your login to use a real name! What is it so I can change it :)
  19. Lenny Warren Administrator

    If you're asking Elton on here I'm off.. ;-) He hates press guys like myself, still blames us for Diana's death... :mad:
  20. Philip Bloom English Fella

    Ok...fair enough. Elton is a huge GH2 fans. He loves the hack, but will politely ask him to stay away.
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