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Discussion in 'My blog posts' started by Philip Bloom, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Philip Bloom English Fella

  2. Kevin Alexander Chatty!

    Thanks for that one! I'm doing a bit more flying this year and have been wondering about this issue. I'm headed to Boston, Finland, and Philly so far, and I plan on bringing my FS100 with me. Obviously not wanting to check my baby! Will likely want to rent lights as well, but not for Finland. I'm going a bit more guerilla on that one.
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  3. Mathieu Gasquet Chatty!

    I have never had a problem with bags (yet...) Just once, when I was on an easy jet flight, there was no place left for hand luggage in the plane. The steward told me I had to put my backpack full of my photo camera and lenses in the hold.
    I told him that I would have leave the flight and take the next one. He managed to find a space for my bag in the end. Phew!
  4. Mattijs Bliek Not quite so new!

    Very good read.

    I'm also curious as to what you use when shooting with DSLRs on location, and need to be mobile. Do you bring a backpack?
  5. Ben Sengsouvanh Not quite so new!

    Really good read Philip. Shooting with the 7D has made my travelling experience so much better. I can fit so much more gear into one back than I used to. I've stopped flying with Pelican cases due to the same reasons that you stated in your blog post. They're so durable, but so heavy. Now days I'm able to fit all my camera gear, accessories and laptop into my Lowepro Computrekker, although I'm planning on upgrading to one of the Think Tank Airport series bags.
  6. I do about 17 flights a year. Easyjet are actually really good because they have no hand luggage limit size, so i can fill my 1510 and not worry. Ryan air on the otherhand I will struggle with anything in a pelican case!
  7. Kevin Alexander Chatty!

    I found a good camera backpack. I can fit 1 DSLR and my FS100 in it, as well as a host of lenses and adapters. It also has room for my laptop. Last year I flew to Siberia and Ireland with this rig (although it would have been nice to have the FS100 in both locations!) I didn't have any problems. This year I'm going to Boston, Finland, and Philadelphia, and plan to take this setup to each location. Whatever I can't fit in my camera bag, such as small tripod and audio gear, I'll just put in my checked luggage. I'm a little hesitant about putting my wireless kit in my luggage, but I figure so long as I wrap it up and pad it well I shouldn't have any problems. Any advice on that though? Is it a good idea to put my wireless kit in my luggage, or should I make sure it fits in my camera bag?
  8. Caspian Kai Chatty!

    Great article, thanks PB.
    Think tank bags are BRILLIANT. Got an airport antidote a month or so ago for travel and carring dslr kit with rig.
    It is fantastic, feels fine on the shoulders even when full of heavy gear, and fits in Aus domestic carry-on easily. Removable laptop bag is great too.
  9. John Corey I'm new!

    yeh once mine bag wheels comes out, i have to get more trouble while carrying to the home, although it was from a brands, but it was craps, i hope hear i would get some more better, to avoid from such pain.

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