Canon C-log footage for testing color grade now available!

Discussion in 'Canon C300' started by Kevin Ritchie, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Kevin Ritchie Chatty!

    Hello, I just posted a ProRes HQ QT file of some select shots from the video I shot and edited at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. The shots were all captured using the Cinema Lock feature on the Canon C300 and have log gamma.

    Here is a link to that video:

    If you are interested in getting the C-Log files from this video to try grading send me a message or email

    I am looking forward to see how others grade the footage. In my edit I just did a quick pass using 3 way color corrector in Final Cut Pro 7. If you post any grades I would just ask for you to credit me for the footage.

  2. Mathieu Gasquet Chatty!

    What a location! Thanks for sharing!

    I'll download tomorrow from the office cause the internet is faster than at home.
  3. Jon Roemer Chatty!

    Hey Kevin,

    I gave it go:

    Grading done in FCP X. No plugins used.

    1st pass added some saturation (~10%) and set black point, white, and mid-points for each clip.

    2nd pass added masks (1-4 per clip) with the goal of bringing out textures without blowing out the highlights. I also key framed the masks since each shot is moving or panning.

    3rd pass added some film grain and I did the opposite of reg. color grading. I pushed the highlights toward blue, the shadows toward orange. I did this because it felt like the interiors needed a touch of warming up and in these types of interiors, with spotty natural light highlights, the natural light often feels bluish.

    4th pass is my Vimeo optimizer - I find Vimeo, YouTube, most flash players, make the videos darker and more contrasty so this compensates for that.
  4. Kevin Ritchie Chatty!

    Nice job Jon - thanks for posting the break down of how you graded it. I haven't tried Final Cut Pro X yet for anything. I will have to check out what new grading features Apple has added at some point. Thanks for crediting me and linking back to the original videos. Most appreciated.
  5. Jon Roemer Chatty!

    Thanks and thanks for providing the clips. It's great to dive in and try my hand at some C300 footage.

    Vimeo file is now downloadable.
  6. Kevin Ritchie Chatty!

    Sorry but the footage has been taken down by because of "Excessive bandwidth". I will have to find another way to host the footage.
  7. Kevin Ritchie Chatty!

    If you are interested in getting the C-Log files from this video to try grading send me a message or email and I will email you a link.
  8. ROGER PRICE Chatty!

    did you find that the camera had a lot of detail... did you change it at all
  9. Kevin Ritchie Chatty!

    I do feel the camera has a lot of detail. It reminds me of Red footage that has been down converted to 1080p. Probably has some do you with the 4k sensor and how captures to 1080p. I haven't tried to dial it out yet. There is a sharpness setting that may help.
  10. fafanrachmadi I'm new!

    hi kevin,
    i would like to get it, please send me by email to
    best regards
  11. Dan Rizzuto Not quite so new!

    What do you do to optimize the footage for Vimeo? Any help would be much appreciated. I am now editing C-Log footage from the C300 and am trying to produce the best color grading I can
  12. Jon Roemer Chatty!

    Vimeo has instructions on their site for optimizing footage.

    Beyond that, for me at least, I find that when videos are sent to Vimeo, YouTube, or embedded within Flash type players the videos tend to get darker and more contrasty (gamma issue of some sort.) So, after lots of testing I made a small tweak in FCP X to boost the mids & the highlights to compensate. It's not perfect but helps mitigate the shift.
  13. Dan Rizzuto Not quite so new!

    I will give this a try for sure that you!
    I was reading that a bunch of editors are not using LUT's for the C300 footage...they are just doing all the colour correcting themselves... what's your take on that?
  14. Jon Roemer Chatty!

    I'm still waiting on delivery of my C300 - so, couldn't say. What I did with Kevin's files was w/out a LUT.
  15. Dan Rizzuto Not quite so new!

    I haven't found a LUT for the C300 in FCPX yet anyway. So i've been doing all myself but I would like to try a LUT just to compare. I'm new the world of colouring.
  16. beautiful pictures !

    how did you manage to bring the files into fcp7. do the canon drivers work ? my computer (10.7.3 fcp7) refuses the installation.
    i now have fcpx and it isnĀ“t a problem. but now i am facing the issue that older files from my ex3 cannot be imported properly.
    on my laptop (10.7.3) with fcp6 the canon drivers work. strange... maybe my iMac is corrupt.

    greets ralf
  17. Dan Rizzuto Not quite so new!

    Amazing footage!! I"m editing in FCP X and was wondering if you had a workflow for using a LUT for the C300 footage. I haven't been able to find one or a workflow for one. I am new to using LUT's so any advice you could give me would be great :) thanks so much!
  18. Nicole Tan I'm new!


    I'm new to the Canon C300 and I first shot using the Cinema Style picture setting because I heard that it was the best for post-production. I then transcoded the footage to Apple Pro Res in FCP7 and I tried to grade it in Apple Color. The problem is, I do not see the C-log that comes with the Cinema Style. Is it a problem in the transcoding? I asked my teacher and he said that once it's transcoded to Apple Pro Res, it makes it linear so the C-log becomes obsolete. I wonder if there is something I did wrong? How can I bring out the C-log in my Apple Pro Res files?

    Thank you so much,

    Kind regards,

  19. Jon Roemer Chatty!

    Nicole -

    If you shot in C-log then the file, once brought into your NLE, will look flat. To grade it you can either do it manually by eye and by the scopes or you can apply a LUT.

    The C300 in addition to C-log has two other gamma settings built in: Cine 1 and Cine 2. They are not C-log and are meant to reproduce a texture and feel similar to movies. They are a baked in look and do not look flat when opened in your NLE.

    Is there a chance you used one of those two instead of C-log?

    Jon Yi has a good article with samples on the Canon DLC. Go to page 8 of the article.
  20. Nicole Tan I'm new!


    Yes I'm sure. It was locked to Cinema. All my footage has a slight washed out milkiness look to it. And sorry but what does the LUT do?

    Thank you,


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