Any good lighting tutorials...?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Archie Campbell, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Archie Campbell Chatty!

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know of any good lighting tutorials similar to the ones that realm pictures did for philip bloom?

    I have watched them and found them very informative.

    I liked the fact that they showed you how to make nice images with the proper expensive kit but also with cheaper hardware store style items.

    I am hopefully shooting my first funded short in the summer and looking to pick up all the tips and tricks that I can!

  2. Mathias Haecki Administrator

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  3. Archie Campbell Chatty!

  4. Matt Davis Administrator

    There were a series of books by Roger Hicks and Frances Shultz, "A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques" - I had the portraits and still life editions. They are, perhaps a bit old fashioned now, and are photography rather than video books, but the point is that each shot is accompanied by diagrams and BTS shots of the setup.

    They're occasionally available secondhand - ebay or Amazon.

    All useful stuff to progress from '3 point lighting' and 'two up interview' basic setups.
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  5. Sam Taylor I'm new!

    I know that Eve also has an hour long tutorial for lighting, and you could get it if you donated $50 to their Kickstarter Project.

    However, I dont think you can donate anymore, but perhaps message her about it on twitter? She is very friendly!
  6. Grant Ellis Not quite so new!

    Blaine Brown's books on Cinematography and Motion Picture Lighting offer good insight, particularly on the companion DVD.
  7. Mathias Haecki Administrator

    I've watched some Video2Brain stuff which was ok. But those were all in German language.
    I'll be getting a "English" Account Upgrade soon, but until then i can't really tell what they have to offer in english laguage.
  8. Eve Hazelton Underwater Queen

    Hey All!

    I second the motion about Blaine Browns book! First one I ever brought and I still love looking through it to this day!

    In regards to other tutorials, Sam is right, we are currently producing the hour long lighting master-class for our kick starter backers, which unfortunately is now closed, but if you are SUPER interested, send me an email or tweet as we are currently looking into a viable way of offering it up again to those who missed to campaign. Hope this helps! :D
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  9. Ollie Walton Not quite so new!

    Kodak do a master series which is great. Is there any software you can use to draw up lighting plans???
  10. Dominic Witherow I'm new!

    If you're on a Mac, then Omni Graffle is a good one - it lets you draw schematics for pretty much anything - a bit like Visio but about 10% of the price and much, much easier to use.
  11. Martin Oller I'm new!

    I'll cough up some money for that DVD. Please do it.
  12. Robert E. Holley I'm new!

    Hey Eve,
    I'm definitely interested!
  13. Eric Ervani Chatty!

  14. Kevin Alexander Chatty!

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  15. Matt Davis Administrator

    I've stumbled across this:

    and then found this:

    Which are just the kind of thing I'm interested in - it's all a bit above what most of us are asked to do, but that's EXACTLY the sort of training level one should be investing in (higher than your comfort level, that is).

    And I really like Ryan's style of presentation.
  16. Colin Palmar Not quite so new!

    Not trying to be a smart£rse here Archie but have you googled "Mona Lisa", " Turner", " Impressionists" et al.
    These guys were banging out amazing images without too much expensive kit years ago.
    Study the Mona Lisa very closely. He lit her mostly with "available" light.
  17. Evan Kimball Chatty!

    Books: Painting with light, and Reflections: 21 cinematographers at work

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