5Dmk2 next to 5Dmk3 frame still

Discussion in 'Canon DSLRs' started by James Miller, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. James Miller Whacking King

    Identical profile settings and lens. 5Dmk3 on top 5Dmk2 bottom.
    Static video shot frame still.

    5dmk3_pic2_lr.jpg 5dmk2_pic2_lr.jpg
  2. mk3 feels "richer"? but do i see a 1500 dollar difference yet? no. am i saving all my pennies? yes. i still have yet to see a proper jello test or real world use, but PB is working on that, right :)
  3. Adam Roberts Chatty!

    hmmm... is it me or is the MK3 still a bit green and smeary?
  4. Nino Leitner Administrator

    Sharpness the same. Moiré gone. That's about it!

    Plus more light sensitive of course, but not relevant in this shot.
  5. Sarah Nichols Chatty!

    The $1500 difference are for a lot more than 2 pictures. Dual SD Cards, Audio Levels, Better ISO, Better View finder which I know is helping a lot of people, Audio monitoring. It's like anything if you need those features pay extra if you don't then don't buy it. I can't wait to get mine!
  6. Nino Leitner Administrator

    Sure ... but I think we were just referring to image differences. All the stuff you mention is huge.
    But it's 1 CF and 1 SD slot, not dual SD ... weird combination, I know.
  7. James Miller Whacking King

    It's a lovely camera the highlights roll off very nicely, off course like all the additions like audio monitoring etc but I suppose was thinking the resolution might have gone up a notch.
  8. Joaquim Bel Not quite so new!

    What color profile are you using? Both the same?

    That glare in the car also caught my attention.

    About the CF/SD card thing, make sense if you plan to use CF to save pictures locally and remote via Eye-Fi to your computer.
  9. Youri Van Cutsem I'm new!

    Well, i guess the 5D mkII still on top !
  10. James Miller Whacking King

    Profiles identical. Neutral (top down) 0 | -2 | -2 | -1

    If you increase the sharpness to compensate you get a false sharpness USM around edges and a strange noise reduction that makes the image more plastic. Bit the mk2 but the noise reduction this camera has is strange. (Note. all noise reduction setting turned off in menus)
  11. James Miller Whacking King

    I shot some street scenes yesterday on a 50mm at around f2-5.6 that looked lovely no moire. So for the fact its has no moire at zero sharpness is a great thing.

  12. Oliver Fowler I'm new!

    My eye trained in on the "41" on both images (is this because I am rapidly approaching 40?). The MKII '41' appears more defined and sharper.
  13. James Miller Whacking King

    Tell me about it!
    Focus was on the house name to the right of the door.
  14. Oliver Fowler I'm new!

    It's hard to call when it comes to the house name, they appear identical, don't they?
  15. Matthew Perks I'm new!

    Gosh, it's soft isn't it? Still, no aliasing at least, which is a massive improvement for most people.
  16. Even K I'm new!

    mk3 looks a tad more saturated. did u use AF on the housename?
  17. James Miller Whacking King

    manual focus, with assist punch in.
  18. Chandra Maharzan I'm new!

    is Mark II bit clearer than III ? :)
  19. James Miller Whacking King

    I've been running on 0 sharpness, you could push that up a tad but I like it off. More tests coming.
  20. Tom Shrapnel I'm new!

    Would be great to see an FS100 MarkIII comparison...

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