Venice’s People: Canon 7D 24p


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For more information about what was used please go to the blog here

I REALLY recommend download the FULL HD version from Vimeo by going to the Vimeo page, signing in and click on download original. I watched it on my 47″ LCD screen via my XBOX 360 and it looked beautiful. This is the Magic Bullet Looks (checkout code Bloom20 to get 20& off) version. All sound recorded using the Rode Video Mic straight into the camera.

Venice’s People: Canon 7D 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Fourth in the unintentional “series”, after Sofia, Dublin and San Francisco.

This time it’s Venice Beach in LA that is the focus.

Very different from the other 3 in that all the sound and music was recorded on location using just the simple Rode Video Mic plugged straight into the 7D.

New version graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

More on my blog at Where I talk about what gear I used to including lenses, filters and support.

Original cut and ungraded version here:

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  1. Martin Pert says:

    What a raw look! I love it. And to get that guys candid opinion about the various American Statesmen on camera at the right time-timing! Been following you for a while and thought I best comment sooner or later! Cheers.

  2. Really, really great one, Mr.Bloom!!! I love the new approach. It really shows Venice the way it is…love it! It kinda reminds me of the opening shot of “White men can’t jump”…sweet empty beach early in the morning, only few old gentleman singing some retro songs…
    Great quality too! Seems like Sara’s got a great impact on you!:)
    May be the second best short that you’ve shot (after Sofia’s people of course:) )
    Keep it up, Philip!

  3. Congrats on another great addition to your “People’s Series” Philip! Great job with the sound and the storytelling!


  4. Jeff Wood says:

    Really liked this one Phil. Great snapshot of the people’s lives and feelings. Sound’s not bad for that little 7d! More of this :-)

  5. Roderick says:

    Really really nice Phil, that makes the 7D look like a seriously sexy camera. Cheers.

  6. Hi Philip, very very good as always! I liked a lot the “documentary” style with live audio opposite to the usual music. Can you tell me exactly how did you change the standard picture profile? Thanks

  7. Another beautiful piece Phil, great work pal!

  8. Rakan says:

    Hey phil,

    Nice vid! I took a particular interest when you mentioned that you were messing with the picture settings.

    I just got my 7D two weeks ago and I’ve been only recently playing with those picture settings. I haven’t heard much about the topic on any forums, but I think they’re noteworthy.

    People should (and probably will) come out with a few setting combos to emulate certain looks, like they have for the DVX.

    Check out this cool look a friend of mine just showed me:

    It should be the first post. The look makes things look intense, and I’m sure if it were tweaked along with white balance it could give a 300-esque feel.

    Happy shootin’

  9. Nice job Phil. I especially love the silhouetted basketball shot.

    And the two life guards getting a suntan comparing their life of service to someone dodging bullets in Iraq. Hilarious.

    1. pbloom says:

      yeah, not sure they will like that brian!

  10. Outstanding work. No doubt the Canon 7D is a strong video performer. I hope this series of videos continues.

  11. Aaron Tharpe says:

    love the live audio in this one! just feels so much more real! love the interaction with the vet too!

  12. Scott O'REilly says:

    Very nice work as usual Philip. This proves you need not fear the audio capabilities of the 5Ds and 7Ds with a decent mic as is sounds pretty good to me.

    I noticed you removed your hand grip from your Zacuto Tactical basically making it a “Rapid Fire” configuration. Any reason for this? I recently purchased the Rapid Fire and found I still desire more stability so I was planning on buying a hand grip or shoulder pad. I was surprised to see you opting not to use either and wondered if there was a reason or just a desire to go as compact as possible. Thanks!

    1. pbloom says:

      mainly for weight and bulk. I had three lenses on me in small bag. The extra grip is very useful

  13. Hunter Boone says:

    Man, I sure do love me some slide-guitar

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  15. Vladimir says:

    VERYYYY NICE. Do we have some political statement in here? Regardless, it capture the essence of SOCAL as I remembered. The lenses do make a difference.
    Very Cool.

    1. pbloom says:

      I think different people will watch this and different views as to what the statement is. That is my style of documentary work. I don’t ram a message down someone’s throat. I let the people do the talking and hope people can make their own judgements.

      Thanks as always Vladimir!

  16. Jacob Meaux says:

    You sir are a human tripod.

      1. Jacob Meaux says:

        ha! you need to see my handheld footage… I’m without a Z-finder though! (at least until it ships)

  17. Andrew Howe says:

    Looks like the People series is going to end up being a life’s work unless you sub it out. Maybe some kind of F-Stop Academy grand project. I don’t think there are many other Venice Beaches in the world though. The documentary style was perfect. Having the dialogue gave it much more poignancy but we still had the trademark stunning visuals, gift for observation and touch of humour and surprise. I loved the refreshing honesty of the winos.

    One little scene that tickled me was around 0:43. When the skater disappeared I was expecting him to emerge spectacularly over the titles. I had a little chuckle when all that appeared was his trainers in the background. Who would have thought that you would have bumped into Eddie Jordan there or that he would play guitar so well ;)

    1. pbloom says:

      Thanks Andrew.You know me, i love quirky!

  18. John Marc Green says:

    I am loving the “____’s People” Series. I have been watching since it was just “Sofia’s People.” I really see the impact of the shallow depth of field; very inspirational. I’m guessing you’re editing while you travel with a Macbook Pro and Final Cut Pro, right? Do you use portable hard drives, or just the internal? Just curious.

    1. pbloom says:

      hi John

      I never use internal drives for editing. But yes, cut on my 17″ MBP. I normally use Lacie Rugges drives but this one i used an iomega bus powered one.

  19. Roger Trier says:

    Awesome video. Quite funny but sad at the same time.

  20. Shaun says:

    Hi Philip
    Loved this piece – shots are beautiful. Do you think you could have achieved the same result content-wise using the EX3 instead of a stills camera? I imagine it’s a little less unobtrusive and makes the subject feel more at ease? What have your experiences been between using the two?

    1. pbloom says:

      i could have got similar content, but people really did feel completely relaxed with the DSLR that they were very un-self conscious. I always said I was filming not doing stills. Smaller the camera, the less intimidated people feel. For doco stuff like this there is nothing better.

  21. Bob T says:

    Philip, Great video although I am not sure about the new edit, I personally don’t like the last 2 shots after the end titles

    1. pbloom says:

      fair enough. I like little epilogues in my films

  22. Mike says:

    Great video! Personally I think the best you have done in the “People” series. the visuals were great, nice documentary approach and it told a several different stories at once. Well done and safe travels.

  23. Sumit Agarwal says:

    Hey Philip, for your street videography work do you ever use reflectors or anything similar to help with uncontrollable light situations?

    Good stuff!

  24. Mark Doherty says:

    Really loved the video. I am from Dublin and was in both Venice and San Francisco over the summer and think you have managed to capture what it is like experience all 3 of those cities perfectly. This one being my favourite one so far, i especially loved the singing homeless guy, brought me right back.

  25. Marlon Perez says:

    Hey Philip!

    First of all, I really love this series, and Venice’s people is your best one yet because I really like the PJ style. How do you get the courage to come up to people like that and just record them.

    I have a couple of questions regarding gear. If you can answer them, that’d be fantastic!

    1) I noticed that Venice’s people is more stable than SF’s people. Is that mainly due to the zacuto rapid fire? I guess every contact point helps.

    2) I also want to get the same rode mic that you have used in this video. At what focal length does the rode mic start showing up in the frame?

    Thanks! if you could answer these questions, that’d be fantastic!


  26. Wait Phil… you have an XBOX 360?! LOL do you even play online? Oh yeah and the video is even snazzier now.

  27. Terry Wilson says:

    Lovely Shots. Great to watch. With such a shallow DOF and having to constantly change focus for people moving around so much, do you end up having to choose one particular bit of the face to ‘focus on’ for focus, if you see what I mean? What do you prioritise?



    1. pc2 says:

      That’s a very good question. I am also interested in the answer.

      I think this is s great shoot and I am absolutely novice in handling the camera and I don’t mean to criticize but for my taste faces go out of focus too often. Is this intentional or just the limitation of the 50mm-1.4 lens you might have used?


      1. pbloom says:

        intentional. if i wanted to avoid i would have stopped down.

  28. Adam Levins says:

    This is your best in the people series yet. Think I might need to get a 7D if not for any other reason that the size and like you say it is very non intrusive.

  29. Vinz K says:

    Whaou! That’s a masterpiece!
    I really love it… From far one of the stuff I’ve the most enjoyed these last days.
    Give the word to the freaks and you won’t be disappointed! (and I consider myself as a freak…). By the way backlight shots are amazing especially the basketball one!

  30. drt says:

    really great footage!!!
    you are a master!
    i like the colors very much! may i ask what you did? curves or plugins… :)
    keep up the great work!

    1. pbloom says:

      magic bullet looks. 20% odd with code bloom20

  31. Chuck Farris says:

    Very nice , Philip!
    Very nice use of natural sound, including the location music, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the Video Mic audio.

    I’d like to have heard the spray paint can, and the basketball.
    Were there any other possible snippets of sound- a bottle opening, laughter, that would have fit the piece? Or like fade the talking out to sound of waves, that sort of thing.

    What did you do in MB other than vignette? Contrast? Saturation?
    It looks so much richer than the stock look on Youtube.
    Does the picture profile affect the image anywhere near as much as MB?

    What do you think of the 7D vs the 5D?
    Getting used to the form factor?

    Great contrast of sad people in a beautiful location.
    Thanks, would love to see more like this!

    1. pbloom says:

      I could have added loads of fake sounds, but nothing real was clean enough to be used apart from the waves.

      I did all sorts of things in Magic Bullet…about 7 different processes, all quite subtle.

      7d is great. 5d is great too. I prefer 7d currently due to frame rates.

  32. Steve Staffan says:

    What were your setting while shooting this? As in your picture style, and ISO? Thanks!!

  33. Bertil Karlsson says:

    That is really a master artists work. I am so impressed. Btw, what program do you prefer to edit with? I guess the HD-quick time files that comes out of the camera is not very easy to work with? I am thinking of buying a 7D but I’m afraid my intel duel core is not powerful enough to edit the files!?

    Best regards from Sweden

  34. ZTSymmes says:

    great work Philip, prime lenses or a combination of zoom and primes? i just bought a used 5D w/ a 17-40mm “L” lens. should be great for portraits, but wow, I might have to get something for film, beautiful work. i really like the skater who’s shoes appear in the air after his plundge…not maybe people will catch it. i also like the basketball shot w/ the prime lens? take care,

    San Francisco

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  36. Rob says:

    I’ve watched this video several times now. Never fails to impress me. Your work is solid, professional, and personal with a distinctive, recognizable style. And you convinced me with this video that my decision to go back to the 7D (had the 5D MKII but what, no 60p in the new firmware?). Keep up the inspiring work.

  37. blindingsun says:

    Hi there Philip,

    this video inspired me to purchase a 7d, to replace the old gear I had stolen a few years ago, anyway I have decided to try my hand at film making and have had some luck, and I’ve just ordered a shoulder mount and the Rode video mic, and some other bits and pieces, I just have a few questions for you if you wouldn’t mind getting back to me?,, firstly, did you shoot in 24p and if so what shutter speed did you use?, I heard for best results you’re sposed to use double the fps as the shutter speed? but 50 is as close as I can get on the 7d, am I missing something?.
    how did you get around the AGC causing hiss with the rode mic straight into the camera?.
    Also what filters etc did you use via magic bullet?,

    thanks from the Brit