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The Tramway HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  • Great short, Philip.

  • awesome, i live right next to the sandias.

  • I don’t know if it is polite to critise the work but here goes.

    First of all I loved it. The soundtrack also worked beautifully. Majestic, is the thought that came to mind! I have to say, your work with this camera is truly inspiring, congratulations.

    I only have two points to make. 1) I dislike iris rolls. Did the camera automaticlly adjust exposure as the gondola came out of the shed, or did you roll iris to compensate? 2) I really would liked to have seen an exterior shot of the gondola arriving at the peak.

    We went from that wonderful departure image (all bar the iris issue) to the travelling shots, magnificent! Then, next thing you know we were just ‘there’! That just jarred for me. As for the rest of it, truly wonderful images.

    I hope that’s OK to share my opinions.

    Kind regards Philip,


  • Hi philip, lovely images. Can you tell me, do you do your timelaps pans hand-held or is the movement computerised? If hand-held, they’re remarkable steady, well played!

  • Incredible. It has such an “other-world” like feel to it.

  • Beautiful work Phil.
    Are you making any brightness compensation or saturation in compressor so it doesn’t look washed out?

  • Inspiring images Philip, just wonderful. I noticed panning on the last time lapse shot. Something you did in post or do you actually have a portable motion control rig?
    I’d love to know…

  • I would LOVE to hear a quick commentary on this one!! amazing as usual.