The Magic Bus Stop: SGBlade


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No grading. Raw images with just PP tweaks in camera. Shot in just over an hour in Richmond, Surrey and edited on FCP to The Who’s “Magic Bus”

Not the most ambitious or beautiful short I have done but it shows the image quality well. It performed terrifically!

Full review in my blog

The Magic Bus Stop: Test short with EX1/ Shoot 35 SGBlade from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  1. Da Sting says:

    Impressive. Can’t wait to get mine on monday. DS

  2. Tico says:

    Philip, your new kit makes everything look astonishingly clear! It has a quality of its own to boot. I know full well you like the super sharp and contrasty image and that’s exactly what I saw here. No signs of moving elements or grain or nothing besides that. Amazing! As usual, your talent and creativity made something as non-descript as folks waiting for a bus a piece worth the watch. The choice of music was perfect, of course. Can’t wait for what’s next!

  3. Dean Harrington says:

    Looking good !

  4. Thanks Philip… Just made up my mind.. its gorgeous!

  5. Mark Wale says:

    Lovely stuff Phil, gorgeous rhythm and composition as always. What is the widest wide lens you use without getting vignetting at the 72-75 zoom setting? The second-last shot for example, the Orson Welles deep-space one of the street and bus stop. What lens was that?
    I have the rev.2 SGPro and can’t really use wider than 28mm (Nikon 28mm f2.8). Would love to be able to use my Nikon 20mm f2.8 a lot but even at 100% zoom there is a little bit of vignetting. On certain projects I can live with it but…
    And along with everybody else, thanks for sharing all your experience with us.
    Mark W.

  6. pbloom says:

    Hi Mark. cheers!

    that was my 17-35mm lens at full 17mm f2.8 zoomed into z70 on the ex1, no vignetting just stopped down on ex1 lens to get acceptable edge sharpness

  7. Gareth Harrison says:

    Looks amazing! What lenses are you using with the SGBlade for this film?

  8. Gareth Harrison says:

    …as in make of lens!

  9. Tim Bloomquist says:

    How did you get the rights to use music by the WHO? I’m guessing that costs you something!

  10. admin says:

    It’s not for commercial purposes so hope to get away with it. Have credited them and therefore people may go out and buy The Who’s Greatest Hits because of it. It’s become a grey area because of youtube and the like. All my videos have been tagged on youtube by the publishers and Okd for their current use. If am asked to remove a video for copyright infringement I would of course…

  11. Never much liked The Who, but this wonderful short has convinced me that I’d better go and buy some of their CDs. Fantastic stuff all round!

  12. Matt.choules says:

    Found the video eventually…
    Great stuff.

    Really really really tempted to get one of these.

    1. pbloom says:

      Great piece of kit

  13. […] Shot with a prosumer camera and a blade. Check out the depth of field. Killer stuff. THis guy is great. Philip Bloom The Magic Bus Stop: Test Short Made with SGBlade […]

  14. jaspal99singh26 says:

    Nice Music Impressive.

  15. me9997 says:

    just looking around at reviews of the SGBlade. I have just got a JVC HM700 and am searching for a good 35mm adaptor, without breaking the bank. I have been recommended the SGBlade by other people as well, and am quite impressed with the capabilities it showed in the video above.
    Does anyone know how well it would perform with the HM700, any recommendations for alternatives.
    Also, I noticed some-one mentioned the sharpness not being edge-to-edge on the very wide angle lenses, I have a pentax 15mm lens so knowing about edge-to-edge sharpness is quite important.
    Many thanks

    1. pbloom says:

      it will work, but will be like a rocket launcher as the stock lens itself is long so screwing adaptor onto that and you have a beast!