Jasper Rockies


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Made for www.plainpeak.com

Jasper Rockies from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Thanks to www.plainpeak.com for permission to use this.  Music is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony

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  • Hey Philip-

    That film has got me itching to get out there. I need to know, what is the song name of the song?

    Thanks, and great job.

  • Gr8 stuff as usual Philip. Excellent choice of music, very moving. Well done. Pity bout the deforestation……Was up there myself last July. My son lives in Calgary, Alberta..camped out there alot, saw black bear, coyotte, moose etc …country of the future, for they have 78% of th White Gold in the world; Water.

  • Phil ya want some Grizzly footage to throw in there?