Cherry Blossom Girl: Canon 5dmkII 25p


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Cherry Blossom Girl: Canon 5dmkII 25p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Please read my blog here for more info.

Whilst in the US recording a new show for Zacuto I took my 5d and the new Zacuto “Tactical Shooter” to the mean streets of Chicago for the “60th Annual Old Town Art Fair”.

Last time I shot a short on the 5d was for “Sofia’s People” with just one 50mm lens. This time I took a whole bag of lenses to try out some new stuff. Including a Shift Tilt 24mm Canon f3.5, an IS 70-200mm and a few others.


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  • […] You can watch the film “The Art Fair by clicking here or on the image below” […]

    • Hi Philip, nice clip and editing! The looks of the people, bringing one from scene to scene :-)
      but sometimes a bit to videolike shaky/handheld for my liking…
      I just tried an 28-135 canon lens with IS imagestabilizer wow it works like a charm. Handhelding gets so much softer steadycamlike.You should try one of those :-)
      Salut Matthias

  • Great stuff again Philp, I like it even more than Sophia’s people.

    Who’s that famous looking guy at 2:36? ;)

  • Love the Intimacy of the shots. Catching us humans, doing what we do, is becoming very addictive to watch.

    Is working with the Mark 2 becoming easier?

    I am running FCE and not sure what my options are with the Mark2. I don’t have compressor and haven’t researched it yet.
    Wish Canon would make it easier… but I’m relatively new at this, hope I’ll learn.

  • very nice… DOF is awesome, great eye; nice shot of weiss, too.


  • This piece has a lot of heart. It also has a vintage feel, I’m not sure it’s the music or the 25p, but I feel like I’m watching something from years ago?
    Thanks buddy,

  • Thanks for sharing once again.

    Beautiful work!

  • Hi Philip,

    Another beautiful piece, I really dig these portrait films, they always prove quite captivating. I’d love to have a go myself, just not sure I have the people skills yet! I’m investing in a 35mm adapter next week having been itching to try one out since seeing your work on Vimeo, hopefully the results will be worth sharing!

    • Jonny, just be friendly and upfront and people are generally cool. Nobody said no to me in Chicago. It was a dream! i have a making of coming up where you can hear my chat to them…

  • Just really nice home movies that people pay you to make. :)

  • Philip,

    Beautiful photography, you really DO have the film look down!

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  • beautiful ‘home movie’ ;-). Nicely done, one of my favorite of yours.


  • looks pretty good for ungraded!

  • […] like Sofia’s People, Cherry Blossom Girl, My Autumn’s Done Come, Return to Dungeness, Love from Southend, Alone in Tokyo and many […]

  • Hi Philip,
    Question about the screen: it looks like cinema size, not 16:9 or other. I guess that it is made in FCP?
    thank u

  • Hello, I’m new to film/photography..been told I have an eye. I some how stumbled on your website and do i have so many questions. First off, which may sound really dumb, though remember I’m new.. The movies in which you shot, Cherry Blossom Girl, Sofia..this was all done with DSLR? Canon 5dmk2 Not a actuall HD Vid cam or film Cam???

  • Hi Philip,congratulations for your video look very professional.
    Can you explain me you acspet ratio crop in this cilp ?
    Thanks in advance.


  • hi philip,

    25p on 5D2?! could u explain, plz?

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  • it is hard to see on a 13 laptop, but it looks like you have added grain to the second version.

    Am I right?

  • Nice choice of song. Hope Sandoval is dreamy aint she?

  • I really really love this. A very warm feeling – a lot of honesty, a strong family feeling. Beautiful. Well done – almost makes me want to move from photography to video.

  • Nice work. Is most or all of the footage slowed down a little? By how much?

  • hey phil,

    love your stuff. was wondering about when you make these ‘people’ docs how you do it? is it all candid? do you ask the subjects if you can film them? what do you say? thanks.