Stuck with you: Brevis


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[xr_video id=”69ec07fcd38a40aaa922cde87c7fa031″ size=”lrm”]

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  1. LFK says:

    Great as usual :)

  2. Phil,
    Awesome work. Always enjoy watching you films.
    Do you have a preference between the Letus Extreme and the Brevis for the
    PMW EX1.
    I am about to start shooting a feature length documentary and would
    really appreciate your suggestions.

  3. James Dierx says:

    This makes a great sandwich commercial! Awesome work Philip!

  4. ryan says:

    I continually run into your video, not a bad thing at all.
    What a critic I am. Whatever the worth, I actually think your video is very original, nice to finally know created this piece.

    Wonderful job! 😀

  5. john adams says:

    a brilliant piece culminating in a man’s love for his sandwich….

    awesome shots, mr bloom. a great little piece showing a whole lot of little bits of honesty. thoughtful editing and beautiful b&w shots. cheers for sharing it.

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  7. Mike Kobal says:

    one of my fav Bloom creations. but the again, I like them all! amazing work.