South Bank


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South Bank from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  1. Lovely work Philip… Still photography sometimes frustrates me. Amelie convinced me of that. I should try making films. Are you still in touch with Emma?Gavin

    1. pbloom says:

      Hi Gavin,

      Good to hear from you! You should get a Canon 5dMk2 or the new Panasonic Lumix GH1. They shoot HD video. Yes still bump into Emma! How’s work?

  2. Tyson Banks says:

    Hey there Philip!
    I discovered your site a while back while researching 35mm adapters. Your site’s been a great help, thanks for putting all the videos and reviews up!
    I love this video, especially the vertical DOF on the sides of the frame, I’ve never seen that before.
    Anyways, you’ve really inspired this film student!
    (I’d look for you on LIVE for L4D, but I just have it on PC :( Great game though!)

    1. pbloom says:

      Thanks Tyson. Used some very cool Hartblei Swing Titlt lenses. Very cool effect! Get a 360 then we can blast Zombies together.

  3. MJ says:

    Hi Philip,

    Just wanted to ask which effect in Magic Bullet looks you used to get this look. Thanks, always inspiring watching your films!

    1. pbloom says:

      i think i used one of the film stock presets… it is called something like mishandled negative

  4. […] tourists. You can be guerilla and try it and sometimes you can get lucky like I did when filming my South Bank short film. Now I had permission for Waterloo station but not the South Bank. The South Bank is […]

  5. Roberto Quezada says:

    Jesus Christ Phil, that was incredible.

  6. Nicholas Provost says:

    Philip, I love this film! I have been on your site just for a couple months now trying to get into this whole video thing. I am a photographer with high end Canon’s so I want to take advantage of this video convergence! Anyway, I love your site! Keep up the great work and Thanks so much for all the info you share! I’m doing timelapse now too! ;)


  7. richie says:

    Highly amazing work man, those timelapses look dark as fooke.

  8. Eriq says:

    What a wonderful candid look at London. Phil, what plug-in do you use for slowing down the video speed in FCP (when you don’t shot at a high fps rate)? Thanks

  9. Dan says:

    Just wondering if you would give some insight on how you did the opening shot. More specifically the timelapse while getting that smooth pan. I saw this film (my favorite by the way) and tried a few techniques but to no avail. Also, looks like I might be about a year late on this question.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      it was shot in 1080p and the timeline was 720p so i had more resolution to play with and did a simple digital pan in post

      1. Dan says:

        Thanks for the reply so fast! Appreciate the info Philip.