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Please read my blog for more info. Shot in stills mode using the Lumix GF1, Canon 7D and Canon 5DmkII.

Dedicated in loving memory to Sky Vassar.


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  • omg this is sooooo beautiful

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  • Beautiful film! Very inspiring.

    I’ve been listening to this soundtrack from Clint Mansell for about a year now. I think it’s one of his best. I used a track from it for some footage shot at the Vancouver Olympics.

  • Outstanding bit of work, inspirational stuff, thanks!

  • Hello Philip,
    I have to say that your work is truly inspirational.
    I am puzzled though as how you managed to produce such a flicker free product.

    Could you give any tips on how to deal with this issue ?
    I myself generally, use Manual Mode, and change the shutter speed manually, over the gradual loss of light. But I can’t help being annoyed at how distracting flickering is.

    Please give me some help.

    • Thanks Erwan. For this it was pretty much AV mode with the long exposure plug in for final cut pro from CHV Electronics (TIme collection) that removed flicker for me…

  • Hi Philip
    nice to meet you on your web site
    great works sreen
    very nice music

    i’m a french composer