Siamese Twins: GH1


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Siamese Twins: Lumix GH1 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Bit of fun with the Lumix GH1, Sigma f1.4 30mm, Glidetrack compact and my cats.

Song is the classic “We are Siamese” sung by Peggy Lee.

All shot at 720 50fps and slowed down to 25p for overcrank in Cinema Tools. Read the blog here.

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  1. director says:

    I gotta get me a glide track, nice video as always Philip. Are you cats eating tofu? And cats are the perfect animal for an editor, because they don’t need much attention, and they take care of themselves. I’m too busy editing to feed a cat :)

    1. pbloom says:

      check out my first M2 short from way back called Kitty Crack. It explains all.

      1. director says:

        My cat is already nuts, kitty crack would make him loose his mind.

  2. atma singh says:

    lol – that was pretty cool.

    i’m finding that with the head mounted and a heavy lens, it’s tricky getting a smooth movement on the glidetrack compact. any pointers? i’m grabbing the actual head and not the pan/tilt handle to get some steadiness but it’s still not as smooth as i would have liked.

    1. pbloom says:

      it’s not as loose or fluid like a proper dolly, the only way that would work was if the dolly was on wheels on the track rather than what the glidetrack uses. No real tips. Only second time have used it!

  3. Very pretty stuff.
    Any rack focus or all push/pull on track?
    Is the slow a 24p frame for frame of a 60 source file or is it manually slowed down…

    and the near c-scope framing? Certainly not 16:9. How’s that work? Cropped source, custom export, but a flash player that supports custom frame sizes natively? Please tell me more!

    1. pbloom says:

      all push track with one reverse track.

      the source is 50fps, slowed down to 25p in cinema tools. I cropped in post using nattress plug in and Exposure room converts to flash for me, i don’t do it. I export mp4 h264 and I select 2:35 to 1 for the format when uploading to their site.

      1. Thanks for that!

        Have you tried rack focus on the GH1?

        Is that 50i like it would be 60i in US or does it record 50 pure progressive frames?

        I looked at Exposure Room and they have a nice playback setup. Very polished.

  4. Adrian P says:

    I demand to see their release forms Mr Bloom! You…..exploiter of living creatures you….I bet you’ve got them living in a shoe box when yr not filming them for your weird animal erotica!!

    Pleased to see you have some time on yr hands for some relaxed exploitation by the way.

    1. pbloom says:

      time? what’s that? Took a break from editing some training films by filming my cats for 20 minutes!

  5. GPSchnyder says:


    I like the look of that. But it’s the Adapter plus Lens that sucks in using four thirds Lenses. What do you think about the f2.8 17mm micro four thirds Lens from the olympus EP-1? It’s available for roundabout 30Euro and gives you 34mm (in 35mm) and a 2.8 f-stop. Shold look a bit better than the Stock Lens, doesn’t it?

    1. pbloom says:

      looking at it for sure. the adaptor isn’t too bad to be honest. it’s adds a bit to the size but opens up a whole load of lenses. Where did you see that price. 30 euros? Surely a mistake!?

      1. GPSchnyder says:

        Well, yeah. Meant 300 Euros. Sorry. Typo.

        I’d like to know how much better the dof will look from the f4 Kit LEns to the f2.8 Olymous. 17mm looks like a good Lenssize. Mainly Portrait, but also usefull for Wides.

        The Adapter may be good, but I want my primes to be smaller than my bulky Zoom, not bigger du to the Adapter ;-)

        1. pbloom says:

          sure it will be better as it’s faster…it’s not really a portrait lens. Too wide for that. Looks v neat though…

  6. Archie Cocke says:

    Thank you for posting another GH1 video, Phillip! I would go for the Canon if it did 24p, but this one has great results with the right lens. But for the overcranking, it looked choppy. I’m really used to your slo-mo films having a nice dreamy fluid motion. This one seemed to stutter too much. Is it just me or my browser or was it a choice?


    1. pbloom says:

      just you i think Archive. Got to XR or Vimeo and download the mp4 original . it’s as smooth as silk!

  7. Andy Stauffer says:

    Looks good, a little underlit in places but I know you were just mucking about with what you had on hand. Why is it 544 vertical, i.e., why did you crop it this way?

  8. Archie Cocke says:

    Phillip, disregard my question about the stuttering of the motion. It was fine when I watched it full screen. Great job, mate!

  9. Hi Phillip!
    I’ve been watching and commenting on your shooting since last fall. And I notice you, er, like cats. I am a volunteer for a group here in the States–Lincoln, Nebraska. We have a facility (shelter) and rescue then adopt out cats. 347 were adopted out to their forever homes last year. I also coordinated the neuter/spay of 178 feral cats!

    Check out

    I’ve acquired a GH1 and am going to put together something for Vimeo or XR in between my real job as an engineer at Nebraska Public Television.

    I just thought I’d let you know that I DO like cats and would think that would make a great project for your local shelter. (Hint, hint) Just think of all the cats you’d be helping! I’d like to see what you could do with that.


  10. prireeNic says:


    New here. Got a question about this new kitten. Well, actually Ms. Boots had five kittens.

    My wife gave all but one away. She says she gets to name it, I say I do because I take care of all the others. haha

    It is male, not sure that matters, but any suggestions on decent web-sites to find cat names?