Shaving It Back: Canon 7d slow motion


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Shaving It Back: Canon 7d from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed on a prototype Canon 7d in 720p 50p mode then converted to 25p using cinema tools to get overcrank.

Music is by Chris Montez

Shot with 50mm f1.2. and 24mm f1.4


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  1. jovan says:

    Yes, I was wondering what lens did you use here?
    Judging by DOF, something like 1.2 or 1.4?

    Also, what was the soundtrack to it?

    All in all – nicely done!



  2. serg3d says:

    What blade did you use here?


  3. detoxtechy says:

    7D seems like it is packed with more features than the 5D MKii. now i am having a hard time choosing which one to buy.

  4. @dialate says:

    Strange, on my bb if I click on the z-finder winner link, it takes me to shaving it back… Weird phone browser!

  5. […] Anyway, I knew I had to get the shave on video. And I love Philip Bloom’s 7D shaving video. […]

  6. cris.b says:

    ummm.. I’ve just realised who you remind me look like a stunt man I knew a while ago called ‘Joe Bucaro III’
    have a look on IMDB…. HOLY CRAP !!!

    This is bonkers.. you’re obviously much more handsome….. I say that in a very manly way…

    perhaps if you need to ‘knock off’ a certain DP that starts making their own video blogs.. you could say it was this guy…

    .. just sayin’

    stiff upper lip old boy !!!