Salton Sea: Canon Rebel T2i/ 550D


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Music is by Ry Cooder from Paris, Texas

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  1. JR says:

    Phil, you are very talented. Doing every Videographer in the UK proud!!!

  2. Colin says:

    Really well done Phillip. Visually, I think this one of my favorites of yours. Kind of gave me the shivers although I am sure it was pretty darn hot.

  3. Ervani says:

    I think I have to leave a longer comment, as wrote in my other reply: The art of creating something from nothing. I think that’s the power (impact) from most of your movies. Yoy just out some simple ordinairy objects in front of your camera and you know how to create a catchy atmosphere. Just like the people form… series… just people in front of your lens.. but it creates a perfect atmosphere that inspired me.

    Years ago I worked as and assistant for for one of the most famous Dutch Photographers… and he got the same talent.. He could create a perfect photo with anyone in front of the lens.

    At that point I still jave to learn… It’s not just the subject… it’s the creator that makes the image. The same story about this short film. How many props do you need? nothing more than a beach with an old caravan and you can create something.. big?

    It’s a matter of lookin’ with the eyes of a talent. That makes the difference in this situations. For me the movies of Philip gives me the inspiration, the inspiration to take my camera out of the suitcase and to get on the street to make a film.. a film from ordinary situations.

    It’s a matter of focussing on situations other people don’t notice. Philip thanks again,… I will get out out the door next week and try to make a movie within five minutes from home, a good movie (short) is just a few minutes from home for eveyone.

    That’s the reason why i visit the Bloom site every day: the inspiration!

  4. I love your framing in this one. Some are unbalanced. Some are higher than I’d expect. I think the subject matter forced you into a different creative mindset than Skywalker and it really showed in some of the really interesting and unusual framings you shot in this film.

    I love the mixture of live sound- desolation.

    and I think we actually witnessed your first rack focus with a vDSLR?

    I’d really love for you to make a blog post on finding your music because I think you have a real skill for choosing appropriate music to accompany your works.

    Yes, there’s a process by which I’m sure you get permission to use music for public display and syncing to your video, but how do you come across such tracks? In casual listening, through recommendations of others, Cd’s sent to you? Do you use a music finding tool and select type of music, guitar, desolation and then listen to some suggested tracks? How do you maintain such a body of musical knowledge to pick from? Do you try several tracks before you settle on one? or do you go in to the shoot with the music picked out and it affects the shots you record?

  5. Darko says:

    You are bloody taleted mate!!!

  6. very nice work! and helped me a lot to decide if i should get a 550D additionally to my 5D ;-) thanks!

  7. Richard says:

    How did you protect all your equipment from the sand?

    I nearly ruined my tripod on the beach last week.

    1. Neal says:

      Hi Philip we would like to offer you some work pleace contact us on:

      you work is quite amazing, please get in touch with us soon as possible.



  8. frank Anore says:

    well, phil good job as ever. However, what aspect ratio did u shoot on? Did u physically masked the frame..or something? Pls, give a word on this. Thanks a bunch.

    1. pbloom says:

      it’s simply cropped in post to 2.55:1

  9. Amila C says:

    Mr Bloom. i had a problem. Please reply me.

    How did you protect the camera from Dust and sand? because the body is 550D is not weather Resistance. The dust is more harmful for the cam. also in the beach sides, salty wind is not good (i think may be i’m wrong).

    So tel me how did u protect 550D?

      1. Amila C says:

        OMG. Really? Great. keep going Mr bloom . .

  10. van says:

    how did you crop the film? is there any software you used?
    thanks. great vid.

    1. pbloom says:

      check out my tutorial call 2.35 to 1 under education…

  11. Steven says:


    You should send Wong Kar Wai a reel, Chris Doyle no longer working with from what I understand. Your sensibilities are very much in tune w/ he’s style w/out being Dole esque. Just some thoughts.

    Steve A

  12. Adrian says:


    Thank you for this great vid.

    I was gonna ask what lens you used for this one and if you used a dolly.

    Thank you!

  13. This is one of my favorite short films. I love the simplicity and the music fits it sooo well also.

  14. Having seen this I was inspired to go check it out for myself. It is very hot during the day and the smell is something you won’t soon forget out there. Here’s my short film, The Salton Sea – A study of light and death:

  15. STEVE says:


  16. lova says:

    Hi Philip,
    did you used technicolor cinestyle on this pliz? very very nice.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      nope..just my usual toned down neutral profile!

      1. sixthgatestudios says:

        would you recommend technicolor cinestyle ?

  17. sixthgatestudios says:

    hi philip big fan
    been filming for some time now with canon dslrs but still don’t know the best way to render my footage
    in sony vegas pro 11 can you help.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      am afraid i dont know vegas sorry! have you tried my forum?

      1. sixthgatestudios says:

        what file format do you recommend
        i have been saving in WMV
        everyone keeps telling me different formats i am confused
        i want the best possible file format to compliment my canon dslr the best


          1. sixthgatestudios says:

            thank you

            1. sixthgatestudios says:

              hi phlip
              what is the best bitrate ie Target & Maximum bitrate Export
              for 720p 30fps fps H264
              in Adobe Premiere Pro cs6 thanks.

  18. Luke Millard says:

    What lens did you use on this? I have a t2i with a 35mm wide angle lens. Do you think I can get a similar look with this lens?