River Crane Walk: Encore and EX1


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  1. Yves Simard says:

    Phil, is hand held operation an option at all? Any way to post some pics with this as a demo? Cheers, by the way great work, keep it up!

    1. pbloom says:

      Redrock do a handheld rig for this. Check out their website.

  2. Luis Filipe Cunha says:

    Hi Philip,

    what a nice mood, your images with Aphex Twins music ,-)

    Tell me please, how is about the autorization to use music with video, like you do (thsi is a good example)?
    I see everyday, edited music used on videos on Youtube, Vimeo, etc, etc.

    What can we use (for the web for example)?


    1. Technically you are not allowed to use anything anywhere without permission from the author or the publisher. Even for non-commercial use. But many record labels and artists are finally realising how well these types of videos can spread the music around and give them free exposure. So as opposed to suing fans and creators (and shooting themselves on the foot) they encourage them to do this and it’s working.

      See this for reference:

      Our label supports it anyways :)


  3. andybee says:

    noticed that you don’t work with hartblei super-rotators so much these days. how do the canon t/s lenses compare?

    1. pbloom says:

      I still use my Hartbleis on my Letus. Great lenses. The Canons are way better though and they should be at that price!

      1. andybee says:

        do you make much use of shift? if so do you find that having shift locked to either perpendicular/parallel relative to tilt on canon lenses to be much of a limitation as opposed to fully rotating hartbleis?
        also do you find smaller tilt a limitation on canon t/s lenses?

  4. Steven says:

    Don’t you feel scared putting like $15000+ so close to water like that?

  5. mike day says:

    Hi Phil, great work. I am still stuggling to get right edge sharpness with this set up. Any tips?

    Did you angle the camera at the raiser/shim block at all?

    I wasn’t sure if keeping as wide as possible would help – to increase the depth of field around the ground glass – which at a pinch gives a zoom of 67.

    Anyway any help on how you got this full sharpness across the image would be a godsent. I have just spend all my money on this rig and plan to shoot in two days time for a month on a documentary in the middle of nowhere, really don’t want to ditch the 35mm’s but will have to at this rate!

    PS I have the new integrated achromat from Redrock guys who were great, which I think you have too from your pics.

    many thanks in advance! Just realised I’ve written a short novel here!

  6. sama says:

    Hi Philip. Nice footage there.

    Could you write something about the process after editing? All clips you upload on Vimeo are with such a great quality, and often I get bad results when exporting from FCP to Compressor. What’s your setup for that?

    Thank you, you’re helping many people here in Brazil with you website and F-Stop Academy. Keep up.

  7. Hjalmar Olsen says:

    Hello Phillip. Nice work! I am going to by a camera. Which shal i choose between the Sony EX1 or Panasonic HPX 301? I would like to have a sholder camera. Is the quality in theese cameras simular? How is the focus assisst in Panasonic? Is it as good as Sony?

    Thanks for your answer

    Hjalmar Olsen
    From Norway

  8. Phillip Davis says:

    Hi Phil, thanks for all your info & great work!
    I have an Ex1 & have been using a Letus Kit. I am wanting to purchase a lens adapter. Which do you prefer Letus Or M2? Also noted is the Letus is more expensive. Any info in this regard would be greatly appreciated

    1. pbloom says:

      You have used the Letus or have a Letus? I like the Letus Elite and Ultimate and also like the new Redrock Encore