Return to Dungeness: Cinemek G35


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Please read the blog about this film here. Shot using the Cinemek G35 and Sony EX3.

Return to Dungeness HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Please go to exposure room, sign up, to download the 720p quicktime version.

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  1. damn awesome as always. your stuff is my main inspiration these days. superb editing, and stellar footage. can’t say enough about it!

  2. LFK says:

    A really beautiful work ; stunning shots and images ; as always with you… 😉
    Much respect.
    Best regards.

  3. Vinz K says:

    Trippy, I really like that one.
    Love the macro on eyes and the backlight shots.
    Do you use macro lens or extension tube on your nikon primes, please Phillip?

  4. Nick says:

    Nicely done mate.

  5. dfok says:

    Hello Phillip, the link to the film is not working, for me at least, you may want to check up on it.
    I’ve noticed your strap attached to the lugs on the EX 3 – can you really carry the camera with the adapter/lens/rails by the strap? I’m afraid of rippin the top handle right off my cameras, life will be easier if I know that won’t happen.

  6. dfok says:

    it is up and working now, must have caught you on an update

  7. pbloom says:

    yeah updated file but it is still re compressing. Takes forever when you update. No, don’t use strap with all that on. Only on naked EX3

  8. dfok says:

    very nice, I like the “grain” of the adapter. How is the contrast with it, different than the letus? As for lenses, are these all Nikkor zooms?
    Pretty amazing how you keep pulling these short films together, maybe a topic for your other blog could be creativity – where do these films start – in you mind or in the subject?

  9. pbloom says:

    mostly in my mind…then I think of a location, sometimes location first. With Dungeness definitely location first. Had very different film in mind originally, more like a follow up to my original film then I thought about bringing my dad along so this evolved.

    Nikon zooms and Zeiss primes. Check out my grading video when it is online soon to see the raw footage.

  10. pbloom says:

    The macro shots were done with a 100mm Nikon Zeiss Macro. Magnificent lens.

  11. Vinz K says:

    Ok, such a great lens!
    Thanks Phillip.

  12. Neil Dankoff says:

    Great stuff! Must be nice to do a project like that with your dad. Approx. how long did that shoot take?

  13. kubalsky says:

    One question, When you flip the footage right way up in post(FCP) is there any loss of quality, recompression? or is they image simply flipped?

    1. pbloom says:

      no loss at all!

  14. pbloom says:

    no loss alex, just a pain!

    took about 3-4 hours Neil.

  15. kathleen says:

    very cool, phil, very enjoyable. what was the music? I like the father/son stuff very much!

  16. pbloom says:

    Hi Kathleen, the music is in the end credits. thanks!

  17. Braden Jobson says:

    very nice, phil. Not your usual editing style, I like it, and then music.
    I loved for first cigar shot. Amazing as usual.

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  20. CHINELO says:


    1. pbloom says:

      You are welcome. Thanks!

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  22. Gregory says:

    Hi Philip

    This film is a nice example of what can be done with a 35mm adaptor, and the Magic Looks effects package. A question tho.

    You’ve filmed this with a Cinemek G35, yet you have a tutorial that goes on and on about the Letus35. Which do you prefer? From what I understand, the G35 has no rotating/vibrating screen, and the quality in your footage seems very acceptable. So what are the pluses and minuses?


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  24. SeadooDavid says:

    Hi Philip :) I am just starting out on videoing and editing using a HD camcorder. I have found great inspiration through your short films. I love the “clippy” feel to them and the flow is so natural. I plan to video my holiday location but in a different way so as not to bore my friends and family with traditional “uncle Bobs” shakey, aimless video footage with no direction and meaning at all!. I like the joshua tree which was the key to me finding your site. Just the sort of stuff I would like to produce. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge :) Much appreciated……Dave