Portrait of a projectionist


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Portrait of a projectionist from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed on location at the Labia theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

For more info about this and the shoot please visit my blog post here: http://philipbloom.net/2012/10/16/capetown/

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  1. Alan Austin says:

    Wonderful piece – very heartfelt, great music and hard to believe it was done in two hours… People talking about their passions is always an interesting place to start.
    Philip, look forward to meeting you some day, I’m a big fan.

  2. Worked on Westrex/Albrecht/RCA/GB Kalee/Magna-tech/PAG 35mm/16mm sprocketed film equipment when you lot were in nappies.
    Worked on most analogue tape machines/Digital tape machines including Sony PCM3348/Studer A820s etc etc etc etc.
    HATED all of that mechanical crap.
    If any of you lot have ever tried to line up a 6track/4track 35mm magnetic playback system you will know what I am talking about. Yes in the old days when they used to dub…….not using Protools.
    Quaint but much prefer my multiprocessor server arrays/Digital equipment/ BUT LOVE stuff like vintage Neve analogue audio processing gear. A mix of the “correct” digital and analogue equipment is a beautiful thing!!
    That is my take on it…quaint but technology marches on apace and as I obtained a very good quality engineering degree in the 70’s I am very lucky as my mind can easily embrace change. Yes, Philip I buy every iPad version/gadget my wallet allows me to.
    If anyone has any questions about that old sprocketed nonsense I will be pleased to answer.

  3. Eddy Woj says:

    wonderful story…. big emotion !

  4. Gymnopédie No.1, excellent choice. You’re an inspiration to me and my company. We’re sleeping a lot less and smiling a lot more working at building a business in video. Your site has and videos have been a great help!

  5. thierry.b says:

    Hi, already done a doc on this subjet… :-)
    Take a look at