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Cinema Commercial made for the National Theatre to be shown in movie theaters all around the world.

Directed by Mike Marriage of LunarFilms.co.uk

NT Live trailer from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  1. Great trailer. It got me all pumped up to watch plays now. :)

  2. jeremy Wilker says:

    Very very nice work. As Justin said, it created a sense of desire to see the plays. I’d call it successful. The iris closing down in the eye was a great shot that surprised me.

  3. Hey Philip… You shoot like a pro!

  4. Dave Morrison says:

    Beautifully done, Philip. You should be doing this for a living!! ;-)

    1. pbloom says:

      nah, i think my professional singing is the way to go

  5. Mickey Power says:

    Howdy Phil

    Well shot. Esp the lights reflected in the eye. I’d love to see the 35mm transfer but it won’t probably make it to Sydney. You didn’t consider shooting straight SDI out – say to MXO2 – to bypass the HDV compression for recording to SxS?

    As someone who’s shot a lot of short drama/comedy on film (16/35mm) over the last 15years cos of the aesthetic and the screening issues, I’ve always been intrigued by possibilities of a film-out from a camera like this.

    Even more intriguing is the HD theatre broadcast. I’ll check if any local cinemas are signing up.

    BTW thx for previous help with Brevis issue. I chucked in towel and ordered and received Letus Elite. All fine now. My offer to you of a nice bottle of vino still stands. But where to send it? PM yr details of where to send. Or I order and pay for it at previous recommended bottle shop and you pick it up? Mickey

    1. pbloom says:

      Ah! it’s not HDV compression! it’s way better. XDCAM EX codec is way stronger than you think…in future we may consider nano flash though…wine? that’s really kind..http://www.thegoodwineshop.co.uk/ you can order a bottle and ask them to leave it for me or even better, get me a nice Cohiba Siglio 2 for me to pick up when I get back to UK week on Tuesday ;-)

      1. Mickey Power says:

        Cher Phil, I’ve emailed the bottle shop since they only sell wine or cigars by the dozen or box and am awaiting a reply as to the sale of a single item.

        Seen the theatre promo 35mm print yet?

        By the way, what’s your archiving method for footage? Mirrored raids? XD Cam discs?


        1. pbloom says:

          don’t worry I was only joking!!

          I am getting a print on 35mm of my cinema commercial. Wicked! still in California so not home yet to see commercial… I use XDCAM discs and multiple hard drives to archive

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