Monarchs: Miles Away. 5DmkII


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Performed by Celeste Griffin of Monarchs

Filmed, edited and Directed by Philip Bloom

Shot using a Canon 5DmkII in Native 24p

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Read more about the shoot by clicking here.

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  1. Fantastic work! What lenses did you use?

    1. pbloom says:

      50mm F1.2

      Thanks, P

  2. johnbarr00 says:

    Love this video! Great work, Philip.

  3. Jeff Baird says:

    Fantastic stuff as usual. Love that lens but the spec of dust keeps distracting me arrrgh.. I smeared my screen tryna clean it lol

    BTW Shiner Bock comes in cans?!

      1. Jeff Baird says:

        Just the most miniscule of dots not worth mentioning really but too late now. Dont know how to describe where so:

        Yes I actually took screens of it & know what that says about me

        1. pbloom says:

          that’s not dust…that’s a dead pixel

  4. Jeff Baird says:

    Well that’s an outrage!

  5. philip, i just met Celeste tonight.. Seems shes a friend of a friend, but i made sure to mention that the first time I saw her perform was on your music video in orlando, fl. She says youre a very nice person btw.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Cool you saw her. She’s lovely.

  6. danielplayer says:

    Hey Philip, congratulation,

    Your video are amazing!

    Let me ask you something, how better form to use the config of Canon Mk2? about contrast, saturation etc…

    Thanks you.