Life of Crime: Jimmy Nicholson


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[xr_video id=”357cd431a75044f9bfb35d140982324a” size=”lrm”]

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  1. Benjamin Eckstein says:

    Hey Philip,
    I saw these LoC videos a while back but I was looking at them again today. Were you shooting these with 3 cameras/operators, or did you go back to re-film certain questions, cutaways, etc.?


  2. Daniel Lang says:

    Another stunning visual. Just curious what lighting setup you had with this interview? Was that strickly window light? Looks sooo filmlike!

  3. pbloom says:

    HI Benjamin. I had two cameras on this with two operators, me on the master XDCAM HD and someone else on the 35mm adaptor. But we reshot all the questions again with me operating the 35mm adaptor.

    Daniel, can’t really remember to be honest Daniel, It was mostly available. Not even sure what lights I had back when I worked for Sky, pretty basic stuff. Couple of dedos and some Sachtlers 300s I think!

  4. Gianclaudio says:

    Hi Philip,

    New follower from the US here and immediately a big fan.
    Congrats man, beautiful visuals.
    I shoot and produce a lot of news segments in New York and I appreciate the added value you are offering to the network.
    If ever in New York give us a shout. I am putting together the budget for a project to be shot in the South of France and Northern Italy and I would like to talk to you about it.