Kubalsky’s Shibuya


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Kubalsky’s Shibuya: EX1 and Letus Ultimate HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  • LOVE IT!

  • thanks!

  • Excellent – how do you avoid the D90 mjpeg jaggy lines problem I don’t know. Any tips?

    I.E. I get horrible jaggy lines on complex scenes (perhaps the mjpeg codec is bad at those type of scenes) – but you seem to have smooth sharp video even on complex city scenes with lots of people moving around etc. Wow. What is your secret!!!?

  • it was shot on EX1/ Letus Ultimate!

  • Beautiful work. All of it. Loved the colour grade!

  • Amazing work.. dont stop doing that beutifull images. My congragullation from Chile.

  • Was at shibuya just yesterday love the film

  • philip is master of color grading :)

    i just love how you are able to come up with those nice dreamy look. lens adapters have certainly more organic look :)

    5d images are just way too sharp ;)