HV20 Letus Mini Test


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Canon HV20/ Letus Extreme mini test HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

First test shoot with the Letus Mini and Canon HV20Music by Vangelis.

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  1. Lars Kristian Groth says:

    Amazing shoots! What kind of lenses do you use?

  2. Ross P says:

    Hi Philip. I was wondering, in these shots are you just using natural lighting and the adapter, or are you using lighting equipment as well? I love the video.

  3. pbloom says:

    mostly just me standard zeiss lenses and my sigma 20mm

    all available light like most of my work

  4. ashley says:

    great video! its cool to see your abilities used on a hv20. I really want to get an adapter. Its amazing to see the quality of video from that little camera when an adapter is added.

  5. Andrew says:

    2 questions, was this 60i or 24p, and did you use the letus with the camera in AF mode?

  6. pbloom says:

    neither, 25p and it was manual focus mode. never touch af

  7. Normstock says:

    I really enjoyed this film, the slow motion I guess was done in post and if so for people shots, how much slower do you usually go.

    I have the HV 30 and feel inspired to get a Letus. Thanks

  8. bluesgeek says:

    Hello, Philip

    I have enjoyed this piece many times. Can you please tell us how far you have to zoom in on the Mini with the HV?

    Thanks. –Dave

  9. Will says:

    Stunning. What’s the Vangelis song?

  10. Danny boi says:

    Hey Phil
    love your work-anyways,deciding whether to buy the mini and just seems like theres quite a lot of light loss on this –
    what are your thoughts??

  11. Borko says:

    Hi Philip,
    your work is brilliant! Very artistic, and every shot has essential… keep going.

    Love coloring, music, and dof on every shot is propper. Of course, magic with adapter gives a true cinelook!

  12. kirklasalle says:

    With the advent popularity of DSLR’s for filmmakers, (and since now I have two 7D’s myself…) I was considering selling off my own Letus mini and HF11, including the half dozen or so “classic” canon FD primes I’ve acquired.(w/ one 35-70 zoom 3.5)

    Luckily they’re all clean with smooth barrels and seem to work great so far.
    And then I was thinking at best it would only be useful for faster camera moves and VFX in place of the 7D’s… However, I’m genuinely inspired by your shots and realize just how useful it was in the first place.

    I always seem to be RE-inspired every time I lurk around you posts. Fantastic.

    Thank you, yet again!