Greenpeace Commercial: Voices of Change 5DmkII


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Greenpeace: Voices of change. Shot on Canon 5dmkII from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on the Canon 5dmkII in Delhi.

Please check out my previous blogs for info on how it was shot and what I used.

©2009 Greenpeace

Directed by Lucy Campbell-Jackson



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  1. Matt Moses says:

    Rich textures… beautiful work. I remember reading your tweets while you were there, you seem to just show up places, and then these fantastic images get recorded. Great work.

  2. loved the look of this. very powerful, perfect music, sound f/x. message delivered.

    great work. did you edit this as well phil?

    1. pbloom says:

      cheers Tom. Gorgeous edit isn’t it. No, not me am afraid!

  3. Amazing imagery, I was expecting something warmer in tone from the previews but this suited the message so well. Really resonated within me.

  4. Jonny Jones says:

    Powerful stuff Phil! Loved the text tracking for the titles, also the very last few seconds, body language gets the message of the whole spot over! Great work!

  5. Tim Barrett says:

    Who edited it? Very good cut.

  6. Mikey Barnes says:

    Beautiful work, congratulations.

  7. Beautiful work Philip! And excellent editing! It has a very professional touch to it. Continue the excellent work! Best regards, Eugene

  8. J.R.Schriver says:

    Nice to see your images edited at this high tempo, bit of a change from the slower pieces you have edited yourself :)

    Very powerful, all elements complement each other really well… and it looks fantastic.

    1. pbloom says:

      i will do a more sedate edit of the images as I have so many of them at some point

  9. carl Pendle says:

    Amazing piece of work Philip. Cut together brilliantly.

  10. Raffaele says:

    Edit was done by
    Daniel Bird

  11. Bill Vincent says:

    Beautiful work Philip, just gorgeous shots. I’m glad to see that MTV is doing this. One of the things I actually liked about working for them was their dedication to causes like this. Too bad they didn’t care as much about the 10% of their workforce they laid off last year. :( Oh well, if I hadn’t been laid off I probably wouldn’t have started my own thing and thus wouldn’t have found your work and met you. So… there it is. :)

  12. Doug says:

    Very freakin’ nice.

  13. Will Mahoney says:

    So can you speak to the process for this whole operation?

    What I mean is, you shot the footage – so were you hired as a DP for the shoot?

    Were there other people that handled other aspects of the project? (Director, Producer, etc.)

    Example: Who interviewed this guy to get him to talk? A producer?

    I guess, from an interested newbie perspective, I want to know what the whole project entails, and what your role was. Can we get a post-mortem on this?


    P.S. Oh, stunning work. Somebody else mentioned the body language…just perfect. His frustration and sadness clearly come through with no words. Very strong.

  14. Ashley Scott says:

    Wow, simply powerful.

  15. Well done! Should open a lot of eyes which is its intent.

  16. nigel says:

    A lot of hard work but my what a result. Very impressive.

  17. Jason says:

    Simply wonderful filming! You captured such a range of people and expressions. I agree with people here, the last part of the spot was really impactfull. Great work!

  18. Ryan says:

    Hi Philip,

    Absolutely stunning, I loved it.

    I’d be interested to know when you film the individuals do you ask their permission first, do you tell them what you want them to do or do you just grab the camera and start shooting?

    In particular the shot with the girl and the cannisters looking up at the screen. How did you shoot that?


  19. Erkenbrand says:

    Apart from the content it´s a nice film… very profesionally filmed and superbly edited.

  20. Toby Cook says:

    Hi Phil! Great work! It all looks very dark and crushed on my two computers (PC laptop and desktop), maybe that’s just Vimeo compression? Toby

  21. chad ross says:

    this looks great, and edited very well. you always catch the emotion of the situation. love it!!!

  22. Mark Lenik says:

    Great work phil!

    One question, did you edit and output at 30P to give it them to broadcast?

    I have the 5d mark 2 and need to convert it to 25p to go with my 25p ex-1 footage when i convert it the footage becomes jittery?I know you have a work around for the mac, do you find when you xonvert it for final cut the conversion looks as smooth as the original 30p footage?

    Im on PC and use Sony vegas pro 9 and am considering converting to Mac as there doesnt seem to be a decent way of converting 30p to 25p with pc software.

    Thanks in advance

    Love yourt work, your a real inspiration!


  23. Paul Treacy says:

    Excellent. Intense. Scary. You got it all in there. Positioning of the subject is brilliant. Intriguing location. Vertiginous.

    I learned a lot from this. Not just about climate change issues but about shot making too.

    Paul Treacy

  24. Francis Shephard says:

    Will there be a version of this to watch in better quality, on Exposure Room?

    I find on Mac, the vimeo player has a nasty jitter…….

    1. pbloom says:

      there is an exposure room version on same page. But I don’t have an HD version yet

  25. LFK says:

    One word : “Perfect”. 20/20
    With all my respect and admiration.

  26. Diesel says:


    I truly enjoyed this.

    I second (third, fourth, fifth) the notion that all of this thread should be compiled into one. As someone who read all the comments, I humbly suggest that a detailed workflow for each project be a new addition to each entry on your blog.

    I know you include more information on each entry over on, but people are asking the questions on HERE regardless.

    It would help eliminate the “bloat” where folks are asking questions that have already been answered, but they didn’t [have time to?] read the full thread.

    Just a thought.

    Excellent shooting. Take it from another guy who’s spent considerable time in Delhi shooting/producing.

    Well done.

  27. G. Nadeau says:

    This is incredible Philip. Stunning!

    1. pbloom says:

      Thanks Gary, appreciate it

  28. Peter says:

    Fantastic footage..

    I really love the editing!

  29. Curricilum Vitae says:

    Hey there..great work!
    besides the message ;-) and the cinematographie i really liked the motion tracking text at the beginning!
    Does anybody know a good tutorial on how to archieve the neat little effect??
    would appretiate


  30. Mandeep Samra says:

    Inspiring. Beautiful. And much more. I love the track in the background… could you please tell me where i can get a copy?

  31. here is how u can do it, its the best way

  32. scot says:

    Philip! Incredible work. Though I know you did not edit….Can I ask what software or plug-in was used to do the super on Ishan Tankha? Do you know? The movement as it flows with his head movements just knocks me out!!!

  33. scot says:

    Incredible. I know you didn’t edit but what software provided that tracking title on Tankha?

  34. Rabyoung says:


    This is amazing, beautifully done. You shoot this in India so have you thought of shooting up in Lhe Ladak and the Himalayas.

  35. kermitt says:

    Great work ! Love It !
    Simple, but beautifull, streat to essence …
    What shake like transition effect did you use for this film ? Like it



  36. BillA says:

    Great job and I love the music too. Who did the music? I’m appreciating the power of the soundtrack.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      it was library music, don’t know as I did not edit it.

  37. Very touching. Loved it.

  38. terryb says:

    Stunning footage!
    It would be impressive in its own right but I always admire the logistics, flexibility and creativity shooting such spectacular footage in alternative, and challenging, environments.
    Something like that remains relevant for a long time.
    That was inspirational to see – Thank You!
    Terry Bradley