Five faiths: Buddhists


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[xr_video id=”21f6c68a786545a5be92da1136ffe533″ size=”lrm”]

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  1. Nice work Philip. I am tempted to buy (or blag) a Sony EX3 and have been doing some searches on the web. Came accross your site and am impressed.


  2. robdocherty says:

    This is beautiful – Thank you for your inspiration.

    I’m 22 years old – wanting to learn – without film school at the moment – I know that’s laughable – but could you recommend a camera?

    You have my email on here.

    Thank you Philip!

  3. Liz says:

    If this was supposed to give some sort of glimpse of what Buddhism is… then it was unsuccessful. The film-maker did a good job going with what he had, but the label is quite miss-leading.

    Strong concepts that were missing…
    -Finding the middle path.
    -Ultimate goal is to get rid of desire, and therefore suffering.
    ps, I’ve never heard of a Buddhist that’s ok with multiple relationships until now.

    I was raised Buddhist, and I have now chosen to let Jesus into my heart while upholding many Buddhist values.

  4. tai krige says:

    Liz, kindly view agin. He did not say he was into multiple relationships…he merely said there was nothing wrong with them…So typical of true Buddist philosophy u of all folk should be aware of….Total tolerance which u are not displaying at all.-“There are many paths to the top of the Mountain, but once you get there, the View is the same.” – Yours obviously not.
    Quite the best little, gentle, beautiful film I have ever seen on Budhism…Go fiqure.
    Om manhi padmi Hum…
    Well done indeed Philip Bloom.

  5. simon denny says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Was this shot with the Sony PDW F350.