Five faiths: Catholics


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  1. David Whalen says:


    I have been learning so much looking at your vidoes and reading. I am a lawyer by trade but recently started to film folks into giving of themselves to help others. You are such a master at what you do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. pbloom says:

      I really appreciate the comment David. Thanks

  2. axel_rosito says:

    wow, your work is sooo inspiring!

  3. blackwatch says:

    First Class as usual Mr. Bloom

    They are living a real pure life over there.


  4. Joe B. says:


    Quite poignant and beautiful; you lay out the essence and what many would see as the idiosyncrasies of their faith, but in such an unflinching and respectful way. The audience comes away inspired, mostly by the human capacity for faith and love. As the son of a Catholic, and husband to one as well (but an Episcopalian myself), you’ve managed to capture what I find most interesting about Catholicism–its humility, its privacy, its simplicity. Many things surrounding the Church are so much more complex, but the essence of that faith is so abiding, so fascinating, so timeless, and–in your film–so inspirational, even, I would imagine, to a nonbeliever or agnostic, because so much of that faith is informed by a profound sense of compassion. Thank you,

    1. pbloom says:

      I myself am an atheist but I came away from this family almost envious of their strong belief and sense of belonging that their faith gives them.