Portrait of a percussionist


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Portrait of a Percussionist from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


Mini doc about Felle Vega. A man with a love of music, percussion and life.

Filmed in the Dominican Republic

Shot on the 5DmkIII with the 1DX for wides. Lenses 24-105 f4 Canon 16-35 F2.8

Natural light with a small amount of bounce.

Graded in Magic Bullet Colorista II 20% off with code bloom20 at checkout redgiantsoftware.com

All sound recorded on a Roland R26. Reference (and sometimes used for A soundly Rode Video Mic pro. NTG 2 for instruments. Interview Sanken cos 11

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  1. derek hudson says:

    EXCELLENT! As always Philip, though this has a particularly special feel about it. Great that you converted to B+W lending a visual charm and rawness to the subject. And what a subject! Wonderful human being Felle Vega.
    Good to see you enjoying yourself too :-) More like this please.

  2. Don McVey says:

    Hey Philip,

    Quick sound question. Do you plug the Sanken cos 11 straight into the Roland R26? If so, would this work with an H4n? Is there enough power to the mic?


    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Hi don

      Yes absolutely. I use the XLR version and it takes an AA battery


  3. Peter Guth says:

    That was a fantastic mini doc. Thank you for sharing Philip! Love the original instruments.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Thanks so much Peter!

  4. manguman says:

    So Honored have you seen a piece shot by Philip Bloom in my home the Dominican Republic. You can really make a simple two camera set up so interesting and visually intriguing . What and interesting guy. I wanted to continue watching to learn more about these home made instrument he made. How do you go about saying right on the spot yes this guys has an interesting story let me shoot it. Last summer I went on a 3 weeks vacation to the Dominican Republic and since I had my DSLR video gear with me and decided to shoot a short doc, I end up with 5 different subject, but lost interest and end up coming back to New York without a complete doc. On a daily basic I shoot interviews and broll and compose short 3 to 5 minutes profiles and short story, but when it comes to do my own pleasure shooting I get road blocks. Good you don’t and can share. Did you shoot any other Documentary in the DR

  5. enottingham says:

    Why did you choose to use the 1DX for the wides considering the sensor size is the same?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Hey earl

      Detailed it on my latest blog post

      1. Ted_McDuck says:

        More beautiful work… The BW is just stunning!

  6. Beautiful work Phil, I especially appreciate your use of natural lighting.

  7. Amazing Philip! great angles and love the rhythm of the piece throughout. That guy had great eyes as well, really mesmerising.

    May I ask what style (cine or other) you used on the mark3 and 1Dx?

    Out of interest, to get your images in the 2:35:1 ratio, are you using tape or a a better method during filming?

    Keep up the great films! They are inspiring and teaching me more every time!

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Thanks Simon

      It’s guess wrk or framing

      Profile is the oft quoted pro lost one


  8. morea says:

    Hi Philip,
    You presented this movie in Transylvania, I wanted to ask why did you used BW?
    Is it because the colors would get the attention away from the body/face language; or there was something colored in the background? Or another reason for using BW?
    Thank you!

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Purely a creative decision.