Evening Waltz


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Shot on the FS100 for Sony’s Extra-Ordinary campaign. Read more about how I made it here: http://philipbloom.net/2011/12/13/extra1/

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  1. redbellyboy says:

    Hi Phillip, that is a lovely film. I’m about to get an FS100 and was wondering would it be best to use my EF-S lenses instead of the EF lenses due to the sensor size on the FS-100? Obviously I’ll need an adapter, but I just wasn’t sure which way to go. Cheers

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      am trying the metabones one soon!

  2. Hi Phillip, that is a lovely film :)

  3. inkeye says:

    Love the color in this one. Reminds me of old 50s and 60s magazine covers.

    Thanks for all your inspiring work and knowledge, Philip. I hope to join in on one of the master classes some day.

    – Billy

  4. ed617 says:

    Damn you’re good – this is gorgeous