Echoing Words: Canon 5dmkII


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Excerpt from the poems of Dmitry Mizgulin read by Boris Burlyaev.

Made for “Russian hour”

Please read the blog here for more information

Echoing Words: Canon 5dmkII from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  1. Harris Done says:

    Great Stuff! Thanks for all the great info you’ve shared on the 5DMk2. I’m about to purchase one as well as a 35 letus adaptor for my EX3 and HPX170. Do you have any recommendations on 35mm lenses to get that would work well for both?

    1. pbloom says:

      just nikons for the time being until Letus bring out an EOS adaptor that lets you adjust the iris

  2. Takeshi Fukushima says:

    Beautiful shot piece! Also, Russian is a truely beautiful language. (though I don’t understand anything… )
    My question about audio. How did you get it? Recorded with separate recorder?

  3. Beno says:

    loved it. What lens did you use for candle-lit-only scenes? Something fast, I’d say.