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Dungeness HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Short shot on the Sony EX1 and Letus Extreme. Music is from The Planets by Holst. Graded using Magic Bullet Looks.
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  1. Menno Mennes says:

    Hi Philip,

    Wow, what a location en beautiful shots, almost monochrome. With a litle bit of imagination you can shoot a short mystery (feature) film about a cople of fisherman.
    I like to see more of this stuff…

    Menno Mennes

  2. […] I think by having my dad with me inspired me to create something special. He liked “My Autum’s done come”  but he was a bit upset by the song and it’s implications. I did say to him, “Dad, you are the actor. It’s not about you!” That film remains one of my favourites, something long planned but made more special as it had my dad in it. Return to Dungeness became special to me by the presence of my dad. Without him it would have been pretty, much like Mark Dawson’s film.  But I had already made that film a year or so ago which you can see here. […]

  3. mik says:

    surreal..it felt like another world.. liked ~2:23 (stones) most..mik

    1. pbloom says:

      it is very surreal there

  4. mike kobal says:

    your stuff is just amazing! beautiful images.

  5. kent noble says:

    Amazing…the car was jarring though.

  6. Could be a beginning of a some nice creepy story…