Dublin’s People: Canon 7d 24p Native


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Dublin’s People: Canon 7d 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed at the end of the 2 day F-Stop Academy Cinematography workshop in Dublin when we were in wind down mode.

I took the Canon 7d, Zacuto Tactical rig, Z-Finder V2 and one lone lens, a Canon 35mm f1.4, which becomes more like a 50mm lens on the 7d. So a bit like what I did with Sofia’s People (but I didn’t have the Zacuto rig for that).

I shot 1/50th of a second as I was shooting 24p and to match the 50hz frequency of the artificial all around me in Temple Bar.

I also shot some stuff 720p 50p with shutter at 1/100th to get the slow motion shots of the juggler which were conformed to 23.98p in Cinema tools to create the beautiful slow motion.

Sound on the last bit was just the internal mono cam mic as I didn’t want a big mic on top of the camera.

Big thanks To Darragh and Emma for organizing the workshop. To all the people attended and especially the people who came to the intensive 1 day Cinematography practical workshop on Sunday. Jala (from Germany), Cathal (from N. Ireland) and Jean-Jacques (from France) stayed on another night and joined me for the night shooting. We had a great time. You may also spot my partner in crime Den Lennie a couple of times here.

Music is appropriately by the great THIN LIZZY and is of course Whisky In The Jar.

No grading was done.

More info on my blog at www.philipbloom.co.uk


More workshops coming to you soon!


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  1. Darren Abate says:

    Looks like it was a fun time!

    I’m really chomping to get a 7D, but I still have a suspicion that I should wait to see if Canon actually does come out with a 24p firmware update for my 5dm2. I’m just so addicted to the huge sensor; I’d hate to see my Zeiss ZE primes become a little less versatile for daily use because they’re being used with an APS-C chip.

    1. Derrick Wong says:

      Hey Phil, are you using the auto white balance, or manually white balancing each shot?

      1. pbloom says:

        i left it on tungsten the whole way through

      2. pbloom says:

        i use daylight and tungsten only and do and correction in post

  2. I agree with Darren, this coming Christmas I can’t decide whether or not I want a 5D or a 7D. I think I’m going to wait just a little while to see if maybe Canon can come out with a Firmware update. If it comes to Christmas and still no Firmware I may just get a 7D. Who knows. The sensor size is what is bothering me a little bit. If only the 5D had 24p and Slow-Mo.

  3. Jeez…one giant hangover.

    Very nice low-light shooting. A fair bit of aliasing is evident in the wides, but you can’t have evrything I guess. Good job.

  4. Vince Penman says:

    Wow, that looks fantastic. I am also hopeful for a firmware update. Since I shoot both stills and video, the full-frame and 21 mp on the Mark II is more important for me. The 60 fps would be quite lovely for slow-mo though.

  5. jehu Garcia says:

    Look at it this way, now you can afford the 85mm f1.2 because its the 50mm. anyways looks good, can’t wait to try it out, i will have to wait until Oct 10 for best buy to ship mine my way. Do you think people will somehow using PL glass on this cam?

  6. Zaki says:

    Again, a fantastic job. Love the ambience and the lightwork..or non-lightwork to be exact.

    1. pbloom says:

      cheers! but just because it wasn’t actually “lit” i used what was available and got my shots which used the available light best…

  7. Alex says:

    Wow, this video i great and really shows off the 7D video quality! I preordered the 7D a couple days ago, and this makes me want it even more haha! Thanks and keep up the amazing work. I recently found out about your site and love it! :-)

    – Alex

  8. […] I also shot some stuff 720p 50p with shutter at 1/100th to get the slow motion shots of the juggler which were conformed to 23.98p in Cinema tools to create the beautiful slow motion. […] […]

  9. Nels Chick says:

    I loved it! Thanks man.

  10. Florent says:

    OMG The quality is amazing

  11. Paul Reed says:

    Brill! Esp liked the composition of the juggler. Very different. I know this was a technical showcase vid, more than something artistic, but, the music doesn’t seem to fit for me. It aligns with the content, sure, but it just doesn’t fit visually. I think something more along the lines of the track you used for Sofia’s People would work better.

    Not that I know anything mind!

    1. pbloom says:

      well that was helpful you northeastern troll! go back to your newcastle brown ale :-)

  12. Neill Watson says:

    Blue Suede shoes will never be the same again! 7D looking great, I can’t see Canon givng us the 24p upgrades for the 5D. Shame, as I really like my wides!

    By the way, do you ever sleep….? :-)

  13. Adam Loretz says:

    Waytching that has really set me up for the day. Thanks for getting that together so quick. I am sold on a 7 ; D
    Does the 720P used for the slow motion shots from the 7D require any post production to match the 1080 – like a sharpening filter?

    1. pbloom says:

      nope! it upscales beautifully!

  14. editman says:

    This video really shows what the 7D is about. Did you experience any artefacts when shooting in low light? Banding, noise in black areas? Is there aliasing in the 1080 and 720 modes?

    Anyway it looks truly great as always Mr Bloom. Thanks for sharing.

    1. pbloom says:

      there is aliasing for sure. but no other issues

      1. editman says:

        Is the aliasing better or worse than the 5D?

  15. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this wirte up Philip. I am planning to go out and pick up the Canon 7d as well as the Zacuto add ons as soon as it is released.

    1. pbloom says:

      cool man, email before ordering zacuto will ya?

  16. Myles says:

    Brilliant job as ever getting it out there in such a short amount of time. Don’t let the trolls get you down!

    I’m still uncertain whether to wait for a Nikon (D700x?) or a 5DM2 update. At present in terms of VIDSLR kit I only have a rather lonely Z-Finder V2.

    1. pbloom says:

      just hang on in there and see what happens.

  17. director says:

    I never get tired of lusting over how much light those DSLR’s are able to capture. If I shot that with my 50 1.4 with the letus it would be a hell of alot darker.

  18. […] je video pořízené horkou novikou Canonem 7D. Philip Bloom použil objektiv Canon 35mm f1.4 a snímal 1/50vteřiny rychlostí 24snímků/vteřinu. Výsledek je technicky velice dobrý, Philipova videa se mi však líbí i obsahově. Navíc mají skvělou muziku, tak jako toto s hudbou od THIN LIZZY ( Whisky In The Jar). To sami posuďte zde. […]

  19. Atma Singh says:

    the green hat has gone international! last time i saw that it was in a nicely-lit cafeteria (in case Den is reading) closer to Hounslow.

    as always Phil, watching your stuff gives me lots of great ideas. i’m hoping to get together my first short within the next week or two. nothing special – more a working project re: stuff i filmed whilst in St Ives over last weekend.

    watching your stuff, combined with getting the 5D2, was the major reason for me to take the jump from stills into moving-images. hopefully see when you get back from the US.

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  21. John says:

    Wow! This is really great. I am much more excited about my pre-ordered 7d now.

  22. Carsten says:

    Holy Crap!

    I would have never believed that the 7D would should such clean movies under the given light conditions. I’ve seen much worse results of the 7D within the last couple of days.
    Would you call it a low light situation or would you say it has been quite bright from all the shops and street lights?
    This is the one and only concern for me right now – is it possible to shoot clean video in dim evening or night situations?
    What ISO was set – or did you use Auto ISO?
    Wow. Blown away now.

  23. Vladimir says:

    You are GOOD!
    I ment – very good…
    Every your film I so is made with a such sensitive respect to a subject, with wanderful timing etc.

    Thank you.

  24. Bill Faulkner says:

    Lovely video. But- I get terrible stutter on Vimeo with Mac and Safari with all your videos in HR. Am I alone? Any suggestions? XR is much better.

  25. […] I also shot some stuff 720p 50p with shutter at 1/100th to get the slow motion shots of the juggler which were conformed to 23.98p in Cinema tools to create the beautiful slow motion. more… […]

  26. Archie Cocke says:

    Phil, don’t know if you’ll know this, but can you record out to an external drive? I found on Canon’s website that you can record; “via external media (USB v.2.0 hard drive,” Could this allow for longer record times, breaking the 12.5 minute limitation?

    I’m going to shoot a doc soon and I’m hot to get the 7D if I can get interviews that go on uninterrupted.

    Thanks mate!


  27. Really good photography… Congratulations.

  28. Steve Weiss says:

    Wow, it’s nice to get to 24p, I dig the look and gots to get me one of these 7d’s, another game changer. Lovely video buddy!

  29. […] Just some random bits and pieces so you can see some daylight footage that I shot before I shot “Dublin’s People” […]

  30. cris says:

    First of all, thank you tons for all the amazing info. I’ve just started tracking the d7 and very very curious… So, 2 questions; 1). how’s the workflow on the d7? 2). Do you have a preference at this point between the d7 and the mark 2? I recognize they are two different cameras, just curious. Thanks again. Cris

    1. pbloom says:

      workflow is same for editing, but the new frame rates means you can shoot at the frame rate you want without any conversion

      1. cris says:

        Thanks. Appreciate it.

  31. jayse says:

    Fantastic work mate. I always wonder what your tips would be for interacting with people. You have a knack for it – whereas many filmmakers would try to stay far away and shoot people with a long lens – you go right up to them and are a part of it all. I think that’s why your films stand out. Just your immense charm at work eh?

    Great stuff man.

  32. This is really nice.
    wow, small and as good as the 5D Mark II.
    Nice job guys

  33. […] Here’s the link to his 7D footage blog post. […]

  34. johan says:

    i really fell in love with that “drunk” girl(1:40)…

  35. Todd Sansom says:

    the new 24p option in the 7d is just what they needed to make this footage look spot on. I’d say this rivals images you can get with a RED. Good depth of field with your lenses. It doesn’t look as jittery as the 5d, and the handheld altogether looks smoother and more stable.



  36. […] to shoot the new title sequence with the 7d after seeing how good it looked after seeing my little Dublin’s People short apparantlwhich is very […]

  37. […] to shoot the new title sequence with the 7d after seeing how good it looked after seeing my little Dublin’s People short apparently which is very […]

  38. Nick Larson says:

    Hey Phil,
    Love the video, I’m just curious as to what lens you used on the 7d? My main concern is the aperture this was shot with.

    1. pbloom says:

      mostly on a 35mm f1.4, sometimes at f1.4, mostly around f2

  39. Gaston says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just got my 7D and quality at low light is nowhere near your video. what ISO did you film this movie? do you remember?


  40. Raphael Rogers says:

    Yo, Philip, nice film, as always, love all your stuff. Quick question for you. I’m about to film a feature, mostly using the 5D. There are a couple of portions where I need slow motion. Should I use the 7D for those? I know it only does 720… will it look horrible blown up? Or should I rent something else for slow motion. Thanks, Raphael

    1. pbloom says:

      it’s fine for the odd shot Raphael

      1. Raphael Rogers says:

        Thanks for the fast reply, i also just found your mention of twixtor on one of the blogs, it seems like it would be a good alternative.