Deer Vegas


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“Deer Vegas” HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  1. Dmitry says:

    Very nice! What is this song?

  2. Anders Holm says:

    This is just great… if you would have done this with the letus extreme, instead of the ultimate, what would have been the difference?

  3. pbloom says:

    Not a lot, a tad less sharper perhaps!

  4. pbloom says:

    Sony is Deer Stop by Goldfrapp

  5. Xander says:

    Hey Phil,

    Just wondering if you put all your footage through cinema tools like in your tutorial to slow all your shots in your shorts down? Thanks mate!

    1. pbloom says:

      Hi Xander,

      No most is shot in camera overcrank at 60 or 50fps…keeps the bit rate really high and gives beautiful slow motion, only certain cameras can do this though…like the ex1/3 HVX200 and HPX 170. Also the new JVC HM700 can too…

  6. […] is the short “Deer Vegas”, a sort of sequel to “Piccadilly […]

  7. Jacob Meaux says:


    I’ve got to get one of those bubble blowers :-p

  8. Neil Cairns says:

    Hi there,

    Awesome film – brilliantly shot :)

    I only discovered you today – a trainer from a Mac Store told me about you, when we were discussing cameras/video cameras… and suggested that I upgrade my 450D to a 7D , instead of buying an XL2 …. seems by your work, that its really possible to get some amazing results.



  9. Robert Millard says:

    Wonderful. Another one of your minor masterpieces of the natural. Bravo.
    What camera did you use?