Deer Vegas


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“Deer Vegas” HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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  • Very nice! What is this song?

  • This is just great… if you would have done this with the letus extreme, instead of the ultimate, what would have been the difference?

  • Not a lot, a tad less sharper perhaps!

  • Sony is Deer Stop by Goldfrapp

  • Hey Phil,

    Just wondering if you put all your footage through cinema tools like in your tutorial to slow all your shots in your shorts down? Thanks mate!

    • Hi Xander,

      No most is shot in camera overcrank at 60 or 50fps…keeps the bit rate really high and gives beautiful slow motion, only certain cameras can do this though…like the ex1/3 HVX200 and HPX 170. Also the new JVC HM700 can too…

  • […] is the short “Deer Vegas”, a sort of sequel to “Piccadilly […]

  • Mesmerizing.

    I’ve got to get one of those bubble blowers :-p

  • Hi there,

    Awesome film – brilliantly shot :)

    I only discovered you today – a trainer from a Mac Store told me about you, when we were discussing cameras/video cameras… and suggested that I upgrade my 450D to a 7D , instead of buying an XL2 …. seems by your work, that its really possible to get some amazing results.



  • Wonderful. Another one of your minor masterpieces of the natural. Bravo.
    What camera did you use?