Abraj: The Two Towers of Dubai


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Abraj: The two towers of Dubai from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Abraj: Plural of Burj which is Arabic for Tower.

Timelapse video featuring the two iconic towers of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab and the world’s tallest building. The Burj Khalifa.

Commisioned to shoot various timelapses of the Emirate by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. This is an edit I put together for myself of some of my favourite shots. Including some amazing views from 154 floors up on the Burj Khalifa.

Read more about it on my blog post here: http://philipbloom.net/?p=16650

Music is by Vaughan Williams: Variations on theme by Thomas Tallis

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  1. NasserAlMisned says:

    Great Philip , I wonder if you made Timelapse for the dancing fountain show under Burj Khalifa area .

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      it features in the piece numerous times, but very fast. not a time-lapsable thing really!

  2. Roger says:

    Je suis scotché. Amazing, like science fiction.

  3. Wow… Fantastic Philip. You manage to get some memorable scenes here. I loved the Sun reflection over/through the tower…
    Loved the color correction with sandy tones, and difusion and blur worked very well… Night shots are beautiful, everything so inspirational…

  4. yanina756 says:

    Dear Philip, thank you v v v much for such amazing and awesome new film of my lovely Dubai! I hope, it isn’t the last work in this magnificent city and country and soon we will see smth new. For example, with fountains or may be in the mosque of Abu-Dhabi ))

  5. Gene Sung says:

    Wow Philip. That was amazing. Could you give us a little tip, or do a future tutorial, on how you did the Day to Night timelapses? I have yet try a day to night, but I’ve heard they are difficult to do. I would think that you would bracket it, but on the Canons you can only bracket 3 stops, which probably isn’t enough to do a day to night. How are you controlling the exposure for the day to nights?

    1. Gene Sung says:

      My wife is guessing that you did a daytime and night time separately, then composited the two together. Is that the key? What ever it is, they look really great. So great, I’m kind of depressed now as I’ve got to work even harder to someday catch up to you :)

      1. Philip Bloom says:

        hi gene

        check the blog post as i talk about it. It’s very simply. I just use AV mode so the shutter speed adjusts accordingly. P

  6. P-

    You are indeed amazing. The last 2 shots in Abraj choked me up. Beautiful work as I’ve come to expect from you, thanks for the inspiration and learning.


  7. Gene Sung says:

    Thanks for the tip on the AV mode. That’s awesome.

    One quick question Phil if I may. When you shoot the night time stuff, what F-Stop are you using?

    I was using a Canon 60D, so I’m assuming it would not gather as much light as a FF 5D2. I did some recent timelapses around LA and for the really wide city shots I was doing f1.4 with a shutter speed of 15 or so and ISO around 800 or so just because of the darkness. I’m thinking this was a mistake using f1.4 because the image was a bit soft.

    So for the wide night time city type time lapses, what is a good F-Stop to use? Should I avoid f1.4 for any type of landscapes even if it’s low light?

    Thanks again for the inspiration and excellent articles over the years which I have learned from immensely.

  8. video2web says:

    Looks like a LensBaby used here?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Tilt Shift lens, not lensbaby

  9. Pete says:

    This is beautiful work Philip. I love the colour palette and overall look. Can you tell us a little about the post work on this please. Thank you.

  10. shad_tirur says:

    Dear Philip, very good efert but i think you can do more better than this …the buty of dubai and burj al klifa…

  11. tetragramaton says:

    Wow this is so much work involved in creating this master pieces of time-laps Philip. I just wanted to ask something, what are the time intervals between the shots in the night sequences, there isn’t much going on within the scene, as motion of external subjects as cars or people walking, so I presume maybe 1 minute and above or maybe I’m wrong …. ;) ?

  12. ffvm says:

    You are a genuine master of TL film making and a true inspiration to me. the score is perfect! i’ve yet to put my TL together about Bangkok. would be honored if you could critique it! cheers, m.

  13. justfocusfilmworks says:

    Awesome timelapse!!
    It is like having a light domino!!
    Simply magnificent….

  14. Dak says:

    hey, how did you get those angles for the time lapses?!

  15. Harvey_Green says:

    What a great film! I have recently been to Dubai and the Burj Khalife Tower and I have to say that I think that you have really captured the essence of Dubai (a thing that I think is sometimes a challenge when working in timelapse!) Very well done!!!

  16. HollyBoni says:

    You should shoot a super sad looking timelapse in pripyat. It would be AWESOME.