Above Skywalker: 5Dmkii


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Filmed in the grounds around and above Skywalker Ranch

Music by Claude Debussy

Shot on a Canon 5DmkII in native 24p

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  1. Nicholas Provost says:

    Philip, Great work as always. I have a question. Starting at about the 26 second mark there is a timelapse of a tree and there is some movement of the camera. It doesn’t look like it was possible in post because of the sort movement, so what method did you use while shooting to create this movement during the timelapse?

    I really appreciate the help.



    1. pbloom says:

      motorized dolly nicholas. check out the blog

  2. phillip Bowen/orca says:

    Just saying hello, enjoyed pulling focus for you on Red Tail, how did it look on a 40′ screen, hope all is well, good luck in the poker tournement.


  3. Esh6 says:

    Fantastic video..