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3 Seconds HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on the Ex1 and Letus Ultimate.

Music is by Ennio Morricone from “A few dollars more”, click on below image to be taken to itunes store…




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  1. jeremyw says:

    Nice footage. I’m wondering what I’m seeing at the very end in the slow-motion shots — it appears there is a little “outline” around the divers when they are moving over the trees so slowly. Is that intentional or an artifact of some sort? I don’t hate it, it is actually intriguing to me for some reason. Just curious how it got in there. Thanks!

  2. pbloom says:

    that’s because it is slowed down incredibly using Twixtor. A by product of such intense slow down with a busy background. There isn’t in camera overcrank like that apart from in the Phantom HD.

  3. pgill says:

    phil…have you tried to key off/ roto the divers before putting them through twixter. Should be able to get a reasonable difference key with the staionary background. you get much better slow mo by doing this…i can have a go for you if you wish! I am a Flame artist, funny cos i reckon i live near to where you must be seeing as you seem to shoot in richmond alot!


  4. pbloom says:

    hi Paul, i haven’t worked out how to do it to be honest. I tried and failed! How do you do it in Twixtor, do you know?

    Thanks, Phil

  5. pgill says:

    Hi Phil

    To get the difference matte make a clean plate in a precomp of just the background by masking in clean sections from the timeline over the diver. So yuo will end up with a plate of just the trees. Then you can use this with the after effects “Difference
    Matte” in keyeing menu, with the original footage. You may need to garbage mask/ colour correct out extraneous areas of the matte. If you now put this precomp into twixter as a foreground matte it helps it split up the pixels in z better.

    here is an example from revisionfx:



  6. Martin Grant says:

    Hi Phil, which camera and lenses exactly did you shoot this with, and what were the frame rates of the slow-motion shots? Am I right in saying that the final closing credits shot was slowed-down in post?

  7. Martin Grant says:

    Hi Phil, which camera and lenses exactly was this shot with, and what were the frame rates of the slow-motion shots? And am I right in saying the final closing credits shot was slowed-down in post? Hope this posting works, because I tried posting a response last night, and it didn’t work or appear.

  8. nathan furniss says:

    love your work… im just getting into film making i have a canon xh a1, letus extreme, and editing on CS3. which you inspired me to get after watching all your videos.I was wondering how you kept the quality of your footage as a mp4 format? I seen to loss alot of quality when encoding….can you help? i’d he so greatfull

  9. scrib says:


    Your work is fantastic. All footages are great. ALL.
    But… I think sometimes the edit is… too slow. Maybe. In this case I think something is missing, the water, the impact, drops, people faces, (feelings), details, different angles and… maybe… a boat for you!
    Sorry for the editor but this is what I think.
    Anyway you’re really BMF!!!

  10. Kingofpunk says:

    Ennio Moricone …
    So you like Italian Western movies …

  11. Do like your craft. Starting to become a big fan, and I’m just a still shooter.

    1. pbloom says:

      from a still shooter that means a lot

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  13. David Obadia says:

    Hello again, from Brazil. Really nice photography. I could recognize your style even watching through the next window building!

    Check this out if you have time, Ex1 + Letus Extreme + Canon 18-70mm f 2.8-3.5 + 24 fps + 1080p


    I hope you keep inspiring people all over the world, as long as you can!

    See you.

  14. Carsten says:

    do you use Twixtor as a Final Cut Plugin?…do you know it is still working with final cut?

    1. pbloom says:

      yes, the last shot was done using twixtor as a plug in and it still works great! check out my blog about Russian Poetry and look at first shot. That is twixtor 20% on the 5d

  15. Christopher says:


  16. el Ari S.D. says:

    I love this music. Its that scene where Lee Van Cleef’s character faces off with his sister’s killer. A classic!!! But in a way, you made it to a showdown between the divers ,the drop ,and terrain.Nice one Mr.B.

  17. Rob says:

    I assume that three seconds is how long it takes from top to water?
    Very nice, like all of your work. Thanks as always for sharing.