Bern 2-Day Workshop June 7th/ 8th

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Date(s) - 07/06/2013 - 08/06/2013
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This is my first ever workshop in Switzerland and I am incredibly excited to be coming to this beautiful country and especially to a city I have never been to before!

The Two Day Workshop has repeatedly proven to be a rewarding experience for all attendees with story and creativity at the core with a focus on exploring the art of looking at things differently. After some brief introductions and new techniques, all students will be challenged to shoot a 30 seconds short film in a limited amount of time under the guidance of Philip and his team. The topic is not revealed until just before the timer starts! Whether experienced or relatively new to filming, this exercise has proven to be enormously challenging but incredibly fulfilling to all who have participated

As in his own every day work, Philip will explain why it is so important to remove yourself from your comfort zone, this will be a unique experience for each and every student. With Philip on hand to give help and throw ideas at you, you will be asked to edit the piece over night (yes, homework!) and come back the following day for screenings and feedback on your work.

Following the student analysis on Day Two we will cover ways to enhance your stories and make them more visually compelling through technique, lighting and equipment. We will also look at enhancing your approach to shooting interviews.The workshop is an English language workshop. I do speak french but my German is non existent. So please make sure you speak English before you book! :)There are two packed days of creativity and filming designed to pull you out of your comfort zone!This is a workshop aimed at people wanting to improve their storytelling abilities. You need to have some video shooting and editing experience to benefit the most from the two days but his is not a class that is defined by “beginner, intermediate or advanced” labels. Previous attendees have ranged from teenagers through to people with 20, 30 and even in one class 70 years experience. The aim is for you to come away from the two days with fresh ideas, a boosted confidence, more knowledge in so many areas, a new network of people and hopefully a desire to go out and shoot the best stuff you have ever done!



6-liters from Jeremie Eloy on Vimeo.

30 seconds short.
Filmed and Edit for the Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels.
Shot with Canon C100

Stay tuned from Ovamus on Vimeo.

30 second short made during the workshop by Philip Bloom in Brussels.
Thanks to my filmmaker friends and Philip for lending an ear!

Glass – Philip Bloom Workshop in Brussels from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Glass – 30′ short made at Philip Bloom Workshop in Brussels.
Goal was to make something sweet out of something no interesting.
2h filming, 2h editing.

Thanks Philip for helping me with this vertigo sliding!

Invisidriver from Ronny Nuyens on Vimeo.

A 1 minute short film as an exercise for the Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels 2013. Shot in 2 hours and edited the same day.

Towers – Philip Bloom Workshop from Vitor Goncalves on Vimeo.

Video I made at Philip Bloom’s two-day masterclass workshop in Brussels, 2012


Royalty Free Music by

Eyes in Bloom from Tim Buys on Vimeo.

82 from Lauri Tamminen on Vimeo.

A 45 sec short, shot in 2 hours and edited the same night as part of an assignment at a Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels.

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  • Hi Philip

    Unfortunately, I could not attend your workshop as university exams keep me busy. But hey, it seems you finally brought summer to Bern. What a lovely summer day today!