Virgin short film competition. Great prizes. Great Judges

I am proud to have been asked to blog about the new Virgin Media Short Film Contest. This is a great event, not just because it’s always great to make a film but because of the quality of the judging panel, KEVIN SPACEY!, the £30,000 prize towards your film and the fact that the 12 finalists will have their films shown in 214 cinemas across the UK for 12 months. How about that for exposure? Seeing your work on the big screen!

  • The 12 finalists this year will have their short films screened in 214 cinemas across the UK for 12 months before EVERY regular screening
  • The overall winner will also win up to £30,000 toward their next project
  • The judging panel includes Kevin Spacey, Daniel Barber (BAFTA winning and Oscar nominated short film maker) and, Gemma Arterton (best known for her role as Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace)  
  • Entry is now open and for more details on the competition and how to enter head on over to  



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